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Here’s What the C8 Corvette Would Look Like With Round Taillights

Something Just Doesn't Look Right

C8 Corvette rendering with round taillights

A Rendering That We Never Want to See Again

The Corvette used to have round taillights. When Chevrolet debuted the C7 Corvette, the car didn’t have round taillights. This was a departure from a design standard that people had become to expect from the car.

The C8 carries on the non-round taillights, but one Corvette fan, Andrew Switch Lanez, decided he wanted to see what the C8 Corvette would look like with round taillights. The result is a bit … um, awkward. 

The C8 Corvette looks a little to simple with the round taillights. The dynamic design of the C8 with its many angles and modern lines just doesn’t pair well with the round taillights. It’s an odd look on an otherwise beautiful car. 

The round taillights actually give the C8 a somewhat of a mid-engine Nissan Skyline look to it. Something that when you say it sounds kind of cool, but when you see it makes you wish you hadn’t.

The moral of the story here is that the C8 Corvette looks just fine the way it is, and the designers did the car right by not going with some round taillights. Good on Chevrolet for doing what they did.