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Here’s What Chris Harris Has To Say About The C8 Chevrolet Corvette

When the C8 Corvette was first introduced, it immediately caused a sensation worldwide. With its mid-engined design, powerful V-8 engine, and impressive drivetrain, it rivaled far more expensive supercars. Priced at just under $60,000, the C8 became an instant hit, offering incredible performance at an affordable price point. This marked a significant milestone for the Corvette brand, as it brought advancements typically found in much costlier vehicles.

Since its launch, the C8 Corvette has proven to be an exceptional vehicle, delivering outstanding performance and impressive value. It has set remarkable benchmarks in its class, offering drivers incredible performance at a surprisingly affordable price. However, like any car, it also comes with some faults.

In this video, Chris Harris takes a C8 Corvette for a drive around Willow Springs circuit to give us his impression about this affordable mid-engine supercar.