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Here’s Another Great Rendering of the Upcoming C8 Corvette

C8 Corvette rendering

A Close Look at the Front

There’s a lot to love about the new C8 Corvette from what we can see, and the guys over at MidEngine Corvette Forum make it easier to really visualize what’s coming out in July of this year. The MidEngine Corvette Forum user Chazcron has some of the best renderings out there, and after Chevy officially unveiled the car, he took to make a new rendering using the photos from the official announcement. 

This isn’t the first rendering we shared that did this. Another forum user made up his own rendering and that one looks fantastic. It shows a good three-quarter view of the car. You can arguably get a better sense for the whole car by looking at the rendering linked above. The one from Chazcron shown here is great if you want to see some up-close-and-personal details about the front of the car. 

In the rendering shown here, you can see the headlights, front bumper and splitter, hood, roof, mirrors, and even the rear spoiler from an angle not previously rendered by Chazcron. What’s interesting to us is that it differs slightly from one user’s rendering to the next. If you compare the rendering in the article linked above to this one, you’ll see minor differences.

That’s a testament to the camo wrap Chevy’s using. It visually obscures enough of the details to allow for the official reveal to be worth watching. You haven’t seen all of the car yet, even though these renderings are top-quality. We’ll keep you posted with any new C8 Corvette updates, new renderings, or spy shots and other information as we near the official reveal date for the C8 Corvette.