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Here’s a Likely Accurate Look at What the C8 Corvette’s Interior Will Be

C8 Corvette Interior
Image from MidEngine Corvette Forum

Looks Pretty Good to Us

A while back Carscoops was able to snag a few images of the interior of the Corvette C8, giving us and the rest of the world a detailed look at the inside of the car. The shots provided some seriously cool information, and they got us excited for what’s to come. The shots showed one of the most upscale interiors of any Corvette ever. Now MidEngine Corvette Forum user Chazcron has put them in a rendering. 

To be clear, Chazcron has not rendered the interior of the car. He simply inserted the photos of the interior into one of his C8 renderings. The pictures actually fit pretty well. They work to give you an idea of how the cabin will look overall, and confirm the suspicions that we had before. The C8 will be one of the most attractive Corvettes ever from the outside in.

The rendering and image mashup isn’t quite perfect though. The MidEngine Corvette Forum user did an excellent job of putting his work and the photos together, but there’s still something just a little off. The angle for the photo isn’t quite right. However, it’s close enough to be worth sharing. 

Chazcron is well aware that the creation isn’t perfect. “Now, this grafting is far from accurate, wide angle wise, I didn’t have time to get it any closer, and I don’t know if I really could, but it gives you a general idea,” he said on the forum. With that said, it’s probably as good as we’re going to get until the car debuts.