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Here’s a Close Look at a Parked C8 Corvette

C8 Corvette spied

Getting Up Close and Personal

In Detroit on Woodward Ave, a C8 Corvette was spotted by YouTuber Jacob Daniel. He noticed it was parked and just sitting there, so he did what any of us would have done and tried to take a closer look. He filmed with his phone as he did so. The video below shows some interesting and unique views of the car.

First, Daniel takes a closer look at the wheels, which appear to have some camo to obscure the center cap. It’s clear they’re five-spoke wheels, though. Then he moves around to the front of the car to look at the nose. There he finds many additions to the front end to obscure the design of the front of the car from view. He says to a friend who’s with him, “They threw so many things on the front. You can’t even, like, tell the body, dude.” 

From there, he walks around to the side and points the camera at the windows. The light from the camera obscures what he sees, but he says everything’s covered up, so there likely wasn’t much to see anyway. Then he moves on to those massive side scoops. It looks like the scoop goes right to a large cooling radiator. We knew those scoops were for cooling the engine, but we were a little surprised to see the radiator right there. You can check the video out yourself below.