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Here are the Final Sold Order Dates for C7 Corvettes

The End of the C7 Corvette Is Near

As the world prepares for the C8 Corvette, Chevrolet is letting the C7 Corvette slip rather unceremoniously into the past. Recently, it came to light when the deadlines were for the final sold order dates. That means you won’t be able to order the C7 Corvette as you want it after the dates listed below.

With that said, there are still plenty of C7 Corvettes out there for sale. As we’ve reported in the past, Chevy dealers have a huge surplus of C7s on lots around the country. People are opting to wait for the C8 and not buy the C7. This means the cars have been piling up at dealerships. Chevy has been able to offer some good incentives for the cars to help move them off lots, but that doesn’t mean they’re selling like hot cakes.

All that aside, if you want to order a C7 Corvette with specific options and colors, you’re days are numbered. Here are the final sold order dates for various versions of the C7, according to Corvette Blogger:

  • 2019 ZR1: End of May—it has already passed
  • C7 Convertible: June 10th
  • C7 Coupes: June 17th

The publication also notes that any and all C7 order dates will end on June 23rd. That means after that you’ll just have what’s left on dealership lots to get yourself a C7 Corvette. It’s important to make clear that this doesn’t mark the actual end of C7 Corvette production. This is just the end of orders for the car. The company and factory will still have to produce the cars ordered.