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Hennessey Preformance Offers a C8 Corvette Upgrade

Up to 1,200 HP

Turning the C8 Into a Wild Powerhouse

The C8 Corvette is already a fast car, but Hennessey Performance, true to its mission, is going to make the car faster. Though not yet available, the company plans to offer an upgrade package for the 2020 C8 Corvette Stingray. After the company is done with the car it’ll make 1,200 hp. 

How? The company has a specially designed twin-turbo system that it will add to the LT2 V8 engine. The company will also upgrade the engine internals, including forged aluminum pistons and forged steel connecting rods. The car will also get a new DCT to handle all that power.

“We expect the new C8 Corvette to be an excellent platform from which our clients can further personalize their cars, which obviously includes adding more power and performance,” said company founder and chief horsepower evangelist, John Hennessey. “Over the past several months we have had hundreds of inquiries from C8 buyers wanting to know what we will be offering for the new Corvette. Thus, we created an online questionnaire and have received over 250 completed forms and getting more every day. The customers are telling us what they want and big surprise – they want more power!”

The company will also offer a stainless-steel exhaust system and at a later date you can get a supercharger system instead of the twin-turbo setup. The supercharger will put power at 700 hp. If you’re interested in the 1,200 hp car or the 700 hp car, Hennessey has a form you can fill out on its website.

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