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GMC to Manufacture C8 Gearboxes at St. Catherines Powertrain Facility

A New Contract

Black 2020 C8 Corvette with LT2 engine

Shifting Resources

The C8 Corvette has been plagued by production issues all year, but the Bowling Green Assembly Plant in Kentucky continues to put out fantastic cars. Still, General Motors is trying to shift things around a bit and get things going smoothly. Recently, GM Canada signed a contract with Canadian labor union Unifor to have C8 gearboxes manufactured at GMC’s powertrain facility in St. Catherines. 

The St. Catherines plant will help support the assembly plant and ensure that there will be fewer issues moving forward. This is an investment of $109 million into the St. Catherines plant, according to Corvette Forum. The company will also be investing $1.3 billion into its Oshawa facility in Ontario as part of this contract that was signed. The Oshawa plant will build light and heavy-duty pickups.

General Motors will acquire a part of the production line from TREMEC Corporation. This could help GM develop new versions of a gearbox that could be used in a C8 Corvette or for new versions of the mid-engine machine, such as the Z06 or the E-Ray. It’s unclear at this time.