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End Of May Recap: C8 Production, E-Ray Begins, Z06 In The 9s, And More…

Concise summaries of the top stories from around the Corvette community

Will Farmer beats his prior record!

1) C8 2023 Production Surpasses 40,000

Roger Kiel is the go-to guy on the “C8 Corvette Owners (And Friends)” Facebook page for production numbers and charts, and he recently posted this milestone.

Breakdown by model:

  • Standard Stingrays: 33,786
  • 70th Anniversary Stingrays: 3,593
  • Standard Z06s: 2,572
  • 70th Anniversary Z06s: 503

TOTAL: 40,454

2) Production Begins on the E-Ray

While you may have seen some E-Rays out and about, those were all “experimental EX” VINs, but Roger Kiel gets the production scoop once again with this report below and notes that “sellable” E-Rays started coming off the line. According to our friends at the Corvette Blogger, “These are cars that will be used by engineers and others to evaluate and test, and then they will be offered back to Chevy dealers as a pre-owned vehicle. These are not customer vehicles being built, and they will have a slightly different VIN structure that alludes to the pre-production status of these cars.”

3) Nearly All-Stock C8 Z06 Gets In The 9s

Will Farmer does it again and rips off a new record-setting quarter-mile time. Just a couple of months ago, I reported on Farmer setting the first series of Z06 quarter-mile records, a completely stock blazingly fast 10.26 seconds and a nearly all stock (non-OEM wheels with drag tires) 10.16 seconds.

The new record for all stock except for wheels and tires?

9.98 seconds!

Fast forward to 4:15 for the record-setting run.

4) Is This The Highest Mileage C8 For Sale?

As we hit high production numbers and cruise into the 4th model year of the revolutionary C8, with a red-hot market for both used and new, I thought it would be interesting to see what the highest mileage C8 for sale is.  I searched all the popular selling sites, and the winner (for now) is this 2020 3LT Coupe, with a stunning 57,084 miles (let me know if you see one higher!). This beauty certainly was NOT a garage queen, and those miles would rival most daily-driven beaters.

If you just gasped a bit at that price, so did I, and the seller is still in the $80s after a “reduced price”. Well, as we used to say in the business, there is a seat for every ass, but with those miles, this one may take a while. As they often quip on the message boards, GLWS.

In today’s hectic world, I hope these quick summaries were of value to you. We have an active community on our Facebook page, I would love to hear from you, and if you have any hot Corvette news let me know!  Douglas B.