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Could the 2020 Corvette Stingray Get a Track Package? You Bet

Exactly What the 2020 Vette Needs

We all know that higher trim levels of the new mid-engine Corvette are coming. There will likely be a Z06 model, a Grand Sport model, and maybe even a ZORA model. However, the base Stingray sounds like it will get some performance goodies as well. Currently, you can get the car with the Z51 Performance Package, but that’s not really a track package. It seems., however, that the Stingray will come with one.

In an interview posted to YouTube by the channel Brink of Speed, Brett Golliff who is the Performance Color and Trim Manager talks about the different seats in the new Corvette. As he’s discussing these new seats, he says the following:

So this version is for our track car, so there is a special track version of the vehicle that you can get that comes essentially as more of a black-out package that then comes in with this entire competition seat with the performance textile fabric. And it’s awesome. It lowers the weight, it grips you and holds you in.

While it’s not totally clear what all will be included on the “track version of the vehicle,” it is clear that there will be a track version. You can watch the full exchange below. Skip ahead to about the 7:30 mark to see where he talks about the track version.