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Could Chevy Offer a Performance Hybrid Option on All Versions of the C8 Corvette?

A Hybrid Stingray, Z06, and More

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The 2020 Mid-Engine Corvette

It’s Not Just for the Top-End Model

Rumors of the hybrid high-performance C8 Corvette have been swirling for many, many months now. GM hasn’t let slip much information. They did point out that some C8 Corvettes seen out testing that people thought were hybrid cars weren’t actually hybrids, but other than that the company has been pretty tight-lipped on the subject other than saying that it could happen.

MotorTrend received some new information recently that points to a Corvette ZR1 hybrid machine that can put out a whopping 900 hp. That sounds amazing, but some new documents obtained by Jalopnik show that Chevrolet has plans for a hybrid Corvette that isn’t a ZR1. 

According to that information, Jalopnik says that Chevy could “accommodate both a hybrid ZR1 and a hybrid base model Corvette.” The publication reached out to GM, but a company spokesperson declined to comment.

Jalopnik says that the base Corvette hybrid will have all-wheel drive and come in coupe and convertible versions. It will get an electric drive unit at the front that has an 85 kW peak output rating (about 114 hp). The electric motor will also put out about 111 lb-ft of torque and after an 8:1 gear reduction, you’re looking at 880 lb-ft of torque at the axle. The electric motor can spin at 16,000 RPM. Jalopnik says that’s a top speed of 150 mph. 

The gas engine will be the same as the regular Stingray, with 495 hp. This should combine for a total of more than 550 hp. The car in Chevy’s sights is probably the Acura NSX. The Corvette will have a smaller battery that’s sandwiched under the center tunnel of the car.

These updates will make the car heavier, but the increase and power, the addition of all-wheel drive, and the ability to use torque vectoring in the corners should make the hybrid a serious force to be reckoned with. We’ll update you with any new information.