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Could Chevrolet Continue Selling the C7 Alongside the C8?

2014 Corvette Stingray

A Leaked Document Suggest It

We’re pretty focused on the new C8 mid-engine Corvette these days, but now it seems the C7 may live on even after the C8 presents itself. According to a leaked document posted to Corvette Forum, the C7 Corvette may continue on into 2020. 

The document suggests Chevrolet will continue building and selling the C7 into the 2020 model year. That’s not bad news considering the C7 Corvette is the best car from Chevrolet yet. The C8 should mark a new era for the Corvette brand, but we’d love to see the C7 sold next to the C8 on Chevy lots. 

It would be a surprising move, though. Dealerships across the country have a few hundred days worth of new C7s in supply. This lack of sales is likely due to the proximity of the debut of the C8 mid-engine model. We wonder if there would be enough buyers to support both C7 and C8 sales success. 

As CarBuzz points out, the internal document, if true, could indicate a safety strategy by GM. The C8 mid-engine Corvette’s debut date was pushed back due to alleged electrical problems. Chevy may have added the C7 to this particular internal document when it wasn’t sure if the C8 would be ready on time for the 2020 model year. 

Either way, it looks like there’s a possibility that the C7 Corvette could live on at least a little longer. In our book, that’s a very good thing. Unfortunately, once the mid-engine Corvette is here, Chevy will likely eliminate the C7 from its lineup.