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Who’s the Most Controversial Corvette YouTuber?

And do you have a favorite?

One Sick C8Z06
One Sick C8Z06

I know the concept of making money on the Internet, with sites like YouTube, is foreign to most of us older guys. We used to get up, put on our britches, and head off to the job to clock in. So that dynamic alone adds a little mystery to this new generation of mostly younger folks owning Corvettes. And not only do they create fairly entertaining content for us to view on the Internet, but make some pretty decent coin doing it.

They’re young, full of energy, the world is their oyster, and they have enough cash to pay $200,000+ for their toys. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a little bit jealous. They make enough money to afford this type of cash for their toys and have many of them. I hear some were getting the first allocations on the new C8Z06, and that’s where the controversy begins.

Some of the other controversy comes from these “kids” tearing up and doing dumb things in their expensive exotics, with some breaking the laws with street racing and other dangerous acts.  That being said, Mike with Street Speed 717 is, in my opinion, the entrepreneur of today’s enthusiast era.

He’s having fun and making a decent living doing what he loves, playing with Corvettes.  Do you have a favorite YouTuber?  If so, please click our FaceBook page and share.

Now without further ado, here is Street’s latest video, where he takes his Z to pick up his Lamborghini SVJ from the detailer.  If you are short on time, skip to about 3:20 for some insane acceleration runs in both supercars. Also, there is some juicy stuff at 10:20, where Street talks about his recent encounter with law enforcement.  After driving through a stream for one of his videos he was charged with 18 criminal counts after a viewer (who wasn’t really a fan) snitched.