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Corvette Sales Data for Quarter Two of 2019 Is In

2017 Corvette C7 Z06

A Small Boost Over Last Year

General Motors recently switched to reporting sales quarterly. This means the quarter two sales numbers for GM, and most importantly the Chevrolet Corvette, are now in. It looks like good news at least for this quarter. In quarter two of 2019, Chevrolet managed to sell 5,788 new Corvettes. That is a small bump up over last year’s sales numbers of 0.1 percent, according to Corvette Blogger.

The company has sold 9,731 Corvette’s this year, which is down about five percent over this time last year. If you look at the past several years of sales data at, you’ll see that the Corvette has been trending down since 2014, which is when the C7 first hit the scene.

It’s expected that the new C8 Corvette will spur a lot more sales when it becomes available. This means that the Corvette’s sales numbers should dramatically increase as the C8 becomes available. Until then, though, Chevrolet will likely focus on heavily incentivizing the C7 Corvette to move them off dealership lots. That means you should have no issue getting a good deal on a C7 Corvette if you want to buy one.

While some of the best deals and incentives have expired, Chevrolet is still offering a $3,000 cash allowance for current Corvette owners or lessees. That’s excellent if you’re looking to upgrade.