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Corvette Road Trips… Has Your Machine Been A Catalyst for Connection?

This is the Story of Carol, tell me your story...

It probably won’t take us Corvette nuts but a mere moment to think of a road trip memory we are extremely fond of, with a family member, maybe your son or daughter, a spouse or significant other, or even better one you took with your father or your mother.

Circuits fire in your brain, and how you shared memories along the way as you found destinations to have the Corvette as a backdrop. You always have the Corvette as a backdrop, it doesn’t matter if it’s a gas station or the most beautiful mountain scenery on God’s green earth.

The Corvette is always the backdrop, did I mention that?

I digress.

Today I would like to tell you about Carol. Oddly enough, I have never met Carol but she had a bond with my brand-new to me Corvette I purchased today.  Well, to be accurate the bond was with Bret, as they picked out this Corvette together, and shared many memories formed from it. Formed with it. There is a bitter-sweet part of the story, but we are not there quite yet.

Today when I purchased Bret’s beautiful pristine 2000 FRC I asked him about the car.  I wanted to get to know her story.  No surprise her story soon dovetailed into a story about Carol.  She loved going up to Bowling Green to see the Corvette plant and museum, and as Bret says, “loved the Tail of the Dragon, and also going out with our club for a road trip. Being in a line of other Corvettes was also a favorite thing for her.”

“Talk about a big smile while we were driving!”, Bret recalled with a happy yet sad ending.  Carol passed within one year of purchasing this Corvette, and regrettably, she just sat in his garage for most days, then most months, then he knew it was time to pass her on.

I am honored to carry the torch Bret, thank you.  Tomorrow Kristen and I will think of Carol, and as I blast from 1st to 2nd at redline, we will tip one to her.  Thank you Corvette-brother.

Can we sit back for a moment and rejoice in the emotional bond that these Corvettes bring, not only the machine and human connection but human with human. Please share your story with me.  We typically have a vibrant discussion on our Facebook page.

Douglas B.

The passing of the torch, I am honored Bret.

Kristen and I enjoying our first road trip
Kristen and I enjoying our first road trip