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Corvette Of The Day: C8 Corvette With Pandem Widebody Kit

The Corvette C8 is already a great looking car when it rolls off the dealership lot. Just $60,000 USD will get you a 500 horsepower mid-engine track machine ready for anything you can throw at it, and it comes with great styling.  Instagram user Toxic_Garages took his black C8 Corvette Stingray and brought it to a whole new level with this Pandem widebody kit.

The kit appears to include some majorly reworked wheel wells/flares that give the car a sharper, more angular look to compliment the large intake vents when viewed from the side. The front bumper has seen a major update and the rear of the car includes a huge spoiler up top with a complex diffuser beneath.

Photos by @notnaaathan