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Corvette Memes

corvette meme list

The Funniest Corvette Memes All In One Place

We have been on a meme run over the last week or so. It all happened when we decided to have some fun and start publishing some of our favorite Corvette memes. We found a bunch online that were funny but the photography sucked so we spruced them up into nice, new, ready to share images. Feel free to download these and share on social media, we want you to enjoy them. So here goes, the more fun Corvette memes.

“Hey Dad, What is That?” “Son, That’s a Mustangs Worst Nightmare”

Get ready to give it to your Mustang loving friend with this awesome Corvette meme. It has the expected Mustang jab which we know Corvette fans love. What’s not to love.  As always, nothing like a fun rivalry with constant back and forth. Mustang versus Corvette is as old as they come. One of our favorites for sure.

Corvette Meme - Mustangs Worst Nightmare

I Don’t Need Therapy. I Just Need To Go For A Drive

This isn’t a funny Corvette meme, this is 100% true. Personally, no matter how stressful my week is, getting into my car and going for a spirited drive totally relaxes me and takes the stress away. Get out and drive folks, it reduces stress and is good for you.

I Don't Need Therapy. I Just Need To Go For A Drive Corvette Meme

I Don’t Always Downshift But When I Do It’s Near a Prius So They Hear Me Hurting the Environment

So cruel, so cruel. This is one of my favorites mainly because I find Prius drivers so unaware on the road that I am constantly frustrated by them.

I Dont Always Downshift Corvette Meme

Corvette Birthday Meme

Happy Birthday Meme. Here’s to Another Year. Hope You’re Still Able to Keep It Up

Corvette Birthday Meme - Keep It Up

Not Driving Your Corvette to Keep Miles Low Is Like Not Banging Your Girlfriend to Keep it Tight for the Next Guy

Not the most politically correct Corvette meme, but the analogy is pretty perfect. Corvette should be driven and enjoyed. While an eye on depreciation by having low miles makes financial sense, it is kind of silly when you are deciding not to enjoy the car as a result. Get out and drive folks.

Not Driving Corvette Meme 2

Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over? Because I Let You

This was actually a real situation where Brody Jenner was pulled over in his Corvette. We couldn’t help but have some fun with it. I would love to have the guts to say this if I ever got pulled over. Chances of that, never.

do you know why i pulled you over?

What Did The Honda Owner Do After He Beat A Corvette? He Turned Off His Xbox

I originally saw this Corvette meme with Ford instead of Honda but I feel we picked on Ford a lot this week so gave them a break.

Meme - Corvette and honda

Corvette Guys Are Like

This is so true. How many times have I been the car shows and met people and then a week later I forget their name.

Do you know Greg meme

Whoever Said Money Can’t Buy Happiness Just Never Bought The Right Car

We have all heard versions of this quote, my wife for one often says “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping”. For us car fans money may not buy happiness but it can buy a nice car and that nice car can give a few hours of peace and quiet every Sunday morning, and that makes us happy. Yes please, give me money. 🙂

Money Cant Buy Happiness Meme

Smoke Tires, Not Drugs

What isn’t there to love about this Corvette meme. Anybody who loves cars can appreciate this one. I for one spent more time as a youth at car shows and race tracks and I am sure that had a big influence on the fact that I stayed away from drugs and crap like that. Maybe this should be labeled “real world advice” instead of “funny Corvette meme”.

Corvette Meme - Smoke Tires Not Drugs

Have You Seen the New Mustang? Not Since Second Gear

We decided to have some fun and start publishing some of our favorite Corvette memes over the next few weeks. Here’s the first in our series and its called “Have You Seen the New Mustang?”. The old rivalry never dies with this meme.

Funny Corvette Meme vs Mustang

She Said “It’s Me Or the Corvette”. I Really Do Miss Her Sometimes.

Oh boy. We know publishing this Corvette meme is going to get us into some trouble with our significant others. In my case my wife is definitely going to think I am being serious, especially given how obsessed I am with my car and car culture in general. Decisions, decisions…

Its Me or the Corvette Meme