Corvette Generations

From the C1 to the current C8 Corvette, we take you through eight generations of Corvette

Corvette - Every Generation

Every Generation In One Place. 

From the C1 to the current generation Corvette, the American high-performance icon has seen a lot. This list below is focused on each Corvette generation. The C1 Corvette production ran from 1953 till 1962. C2 Corvette production ran from 1963 till 1967. C3 Corvette production was 1968 till 1982. C4 Corvette production ran from 1984 till 1996. C5 Corvette production ran from 1997 till 2004. C6 Corvette production ran from 2005 till 2013. The C7 Corvette was produced from 2014 till 2019. The latest generation C8 Corvette will start production as a 2020 model year.
C1 Corvette

C1 Corvette Generation (1953–1962)

“Birth Of A Legend” 

The need to design and develop an American made sports car really began at the end of World War II. American servicemen, still stationed overseas in England, were able to sample the joys of driving in the MG Sports Car. Developed in 1923, Morris Grate’s compact TC was crude, cramped, and powered by a tiny 1250cc engine...
C2 Corvette

C2 Corvette Generation (1963–1967)

“The Sting Ray”

The birth and evolution of the C2 Corvette occurred amidst the successes that General Motors was experiencing at the height of the C1. By the early sixties, as Chevrolet introduced the last of the first generation Corvettes, there was no doubt – at least among the design team behind the first-generation model – that a second generation Corvette was imminent.
C3 Corvette

“The Shark Generation”

The arrival of the C3 Chevy Corvette occurred far sooner than many enthusiasts would have predicted.  The C1 Corvette had been produced over a period of ten years, albeit with significant design and mechanical improvements along the way.
C4 Corvette

C4 Corvette Generation (1984-1996)

“The Arrival Of A Future King”

After many years of rumors that an “all new Corvette” had been under development, legions of Corvette fans were eager to see something completely new roll out of Bowling Green’s Corvette assembly plant. In 1984, the faithful would get their wish.
C5 Corvette

“A New Vision Of Greatness”

The evolution of the C5 began as early as 1988, when GM executives had originally planned a 1993 roll out of the fifth generation Corvette to help mark its 40th Anniversary. Despite the challenging economic and manufacturing struggles that had riddled the company and left many questioning the continuation of the Corvette...
C6 Corvette

C6 Corvette Generation (2005-2013)

“Evolution Of A Superstar”

In January, 2004, the new C6 Corvette was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan.  By that same summer, the first C6 Corvettes went on sale.  For most, the new 2005 C6 coupes and convertibles were being hailed as “the best Corvettes ever”, although some critics weren’t wholly satisfied...
C7 Corvette

“Performance Driven Function”

The arrival of the C7 Corvette was the culmination of months of speculation by enthusiasts, car experts, critics, and countless fans, and was treated with more fanfare and pomp-and-circumstance than a Hollywood blockbuster movie debut. Chevrolet remained tight-lipped about the new car throughout most of its development...
C8 Corvette

C8 Corvette Generation (2020 -     )

“The Mid-Engined Corvette”

The C8 Corvette debuted in California to an airplane hangar packed with people. Pulling heavily from the Cerv Corvette prototype cars, the C8 also took inspiration from previous production versions of the car. It is the first mid-engined Corvette and sets a new standard for America's favorite sports car.
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