2020 Corvette C8 Hard Top Convertible

Corvette C8 Hard Top Convertible Spotted In Michigan

White body, black roof, perfect combo!

Over on CorvetteForum, a member this morning posted some big, clear pictures of a Corvette C8 Hard Top Convertible (HTC) in Michigan.

According to responses on the thread, it seems that the car is being driven by Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles.

2020 Corvette C8 Hard Top Convertible

It was also pointed out that the car does not have manufacturer’s plates on it, or the plates they use when doing road tests. It appears to either have dealer plates or even a private registration, meaning it might be Harlan Charles’ personal car.

If this is true then the rumors going about that the C8 Convertible will be starting production on August 3 may just have some bite to them.

2020 Corvette C8 Hard Top Convertible

Whatever the case, the fact that a non-camouflaged, road-ready, in-the-flesh HTC is out and about is a great signal to those that ordered one.

Also, and this is a bit of personal bias, I think it looks pretty freaking awesome. The speed buttresses behind the seats just make it look all that much cooler.

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