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Corvette 0-60 mph Acceleration Times (Over the Years)

0-60 mph times for every Corvette Model Year

Corvette Performance: Ranking Every Corvette by Their Quarter Mile Acceleration Times

CorvSport has always been the number one resource for all your Corvette specs and other data and now we finally got around to compiling all the 0-60 mph mile data for every Corvette model we could find. Below we pulled together all the acceleration times for specific models and put them into a searchable, interactive table. We also created a chart for those of us who like to see things visually.

As you can see the Corvette just gets faster and faster every year and in terms of Corvette 0-60 mph times, it has consistently chipped away at those times to now be under 3 seconds in the sprint from standstill to 6- mph. The Corvette is still such a performance bargain even as its price has steadily increased, pulling off acceleration times that blow the mind.

The following is a comprehensive list of the Corvette’s 0-60 mph times by year.

Corvette 0-60 mph Times Table