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Cobra’s Daddy – The 1960 Corvette Italia

Some enthusiasts wanted more than just a tuned Corvette. Welcome to the Scaglietti Corvettes!

Photo: Casey Annis

The Story of the Elusive Scaglietti Corvettes Created With the Help of Carroll Shelby

History is a curious thing, we tend to think of it as fixed and absolute, when in fact, like most things in life, it is dynamic, it can change. Or sometimes, like in grade school, we learn about a piece of history at a very superficial level, only to find out later (usually in college!) that this was just the simplified version and the real story in fact bears almost no resemblance at all to the generally held one. Such is the case with one of automotive history’s most interesting (and misunderstood) “what ifs,” the Corvette Italia.

Photo: Casey Annis

Crankshaft Blues

In the 1950s, Gary Laughlin was a successful oil-drilling contractor from Fort Worth, Texas. Like friend and fellow competitor Jim Hall, Laughlin was able to earn enough from the oil fields of the world to fund his participation in SCCA sports car racing. Throughout the ’50s, Laughlin raced a wide variety of sports cars including an Allard J2X, a Lotus and a string of Ferraris, including a 166 MM, 750 Monza and a 250 Testa Rossa.

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