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Full List of Chevrolet Corvette Models & Years 

From the first Corvette in 1953 to the current 2020 mid-engined Corvette, the American high performance icon has seen a lot. Here is every Corvette ever produced, sorted by year. 

Every Corvette Model by Year

From the C1 to the current eighth generation Corvette, the American high-performance icon has seen a lot. Here’s every Corvette ever produced, sorted by year. There have been many Corvettes since 1953 including numerous concepts, special editions, race series custom cars and tuner Corvettes (that we’ve covered in other parts of the site). This list below is focused on regular production series Corvettes. For more details on each model year specifically, check out our guides below where you can quickly navigate to each model year where you can learn about each years history, factory specs, VIN Info, problems, recalls, dimensions, performance and much more.

1953 - 1962

C1 Corvette 

All C1 Corvette models and variants

C1 Corvette Model List (1953 - 1962)

1953 Corvette Model

1953 Corvette

After the incredible success of the prototype at the 1953 Motorama in New York City, Corvette went from being the fantastic concept car designed by Harley J. Earl to an, (as yet unrealized), production car that was already commanding great deals of attention....
1954 Corvette Model

1954 Corvette

The 1954 Corvette began production in December, 1953.  Although the first fourteen or fifteen ‘54 Corvettes were built in Flint, Michigan (like all of the 1953 Corvettes) GM shifted Corvette’s production to a newly renovated assembly plant in St Louis, Missouri....
1955 Corvette Model

1955 Corvette

In 1954, with the Corvette on the verge of being discontinued indefinitely, a “stay of execution” emerged from the unlikeliest of places. Historically, it is well known that General Motors and Ford Motor Company have always shared more than a friendly rivalry. The 1955 Corvette..
1956 Corvette Model

1956 Corvette

The end of the 1955 model year left Chevrolet executives questioning the direction in which they should take the Corvette. After all, they had addressed the issue of performance by introducing the small block V-8 engine and a 3-speed manual transmission as options...
1957 Corvette Model

1957 Corvette

While General Motors still recorded only modest sales of the Chevrolet Corvette in 1956, it was apparent to everyone that it was also beginning to be taken seriously as a sports car. Even after the immense structural, physical and mechanical facelift it received in 1956...
1958 Corvette Model

1958 Corvette

By the late 1950’s, the infrastructure of the automotive industry had begun a transformation from the monopolistic business of a few, large, corporate giants to a much more competitive and highly segmented marketplace. A few small, relatively unknown companies from...
1959 Corvette Model

1959 Corvette

As the 1959 Corvette was nearing production, it was decided that, once again, the design teams would re-visit Corvette and clean up the overall appearance of the car. Ironically, the 1958 ‘Vette, along with other Chevrolet models, had been the subject of more than a little...
1960 Corvette Model

1960 Corvette

It is said that when you find something that works, don’t change it. For Chevrolet, this sentiment resonated amongst the senior designers of the Corvette. Despite the conceptual changes that Bill Mitchell had been toying with since 1958, the reality was that...
1961 Corvette Model

1961 Corvette

By late 1960, the Corvette had demonstrated again that it was a serious contender on the race track, both in mainstream media and in the automotive marketplace. CBS television, in cooperation with General Motors, introduced the series “Route 66”...
1962 Corvette Models

1962 Corvette

With the creative influences of such incredible engineering talents as Edward Cole, Zora Arkus-Duntov and Bill Mitchell behind it, the C1 Corvette had emerged as an American classic, but one that was ready to undergo a transformation into something completely new and exciting...

1963 - 1967

C2 Corvette 

All C2 Corvette models and variants

C2 Corvette Model List (1963 - 1967)

1963 Corvette Models

1963 Corvette

1963 Chevy Corvette was the final result of more than a half-decade’s worth of research both on and off the racetrack. The second-generation Corvette literally evolved from a racecar – namely the Stingray racer that Mitchell created. Even its title, which was an axiom deliberately given to the race car because of its resemblance to an actual stingray, stuck and further defined the C2 for all time as the “Corvette Sting Ray...
1964 Corvette Models

1964 Corvette

The early eighties was a period of technological firsts. Apple Computers introduced the Macintosh computer. NASA introduced Columbia, the first of a fleet of reusable launch vehicles which would come to be known as the “Space Shuttle”. The first laptop computer is marketed by the Tandy Corporation. In short, Americans were moving into a world that was growing increasingly interlaced with technology....
1965 Corvette Model

1965 Corvette

As the 1965 model year approached, the design team behind the Chevy Corvette continued to refine the overall design of the C2 Sting Ray, making only minor cosmetic changes in the process. Instead, the focus for the second-generation’s third year centralized on some significant mechanical upgrades that would vastly improve the Corvette’s already impressive handling and drivability. At the same time, 1965 would...
1966 Corvette Model

1966 Corvette

With the 1966 Corvette arriving after General Motors recent, overwhelming success with the 427 Sting Ray, there was no question that the newest Corvette model would continue to feature big-block engines. This turnabout in events was rather interesting, especially given GM management’s earlier decree that no car line smaller than a full-size model would carry an engine larger than 400 cubic inches. Perhaps fortunately...
1967 Corvette Models

1967 Corvette

There were varying reports as to why General Motors decided to keep the current model around for one more year. Some speculated that the launch of the C3 was intentionally delayed because Chevrolet had introduced the Camaro to its lineup in 1967.Although many critics and enthusiasts proclaimed that the 1967 Corvette Sting Ray would in fact be the first of an entirely new generation of Corvettes, it turned out that it would...

1968 – 1982

C3 Corvette 

All C3 Corvette models and variants

C3 Corvette Model List (1968 - 1982)

1968 Corvette

1968 Corvette

Despite the economic prosperity of the fifties and the early sixties, there had been a great many who believed that the sustainability of such financial growth was impossible, and that more challenging financial times lay ahead within the United States, and even globally.The arrival of the 1968 Corvette occurred at a time when the world, much like the Corvette itself, was struggling to find an identity of its own amidst political and financial issues.
1969 Corvette

1969 Corvette

The 1969 Chevy Corvette arrived on the coattails of critics who had been anything but kind to the inaugural C3 Corvette just the year before. Although the overall tone of the critics was marginally more positive by the end of the 1968 model year, GM recognized that there was still a way to go to fully win over the same people who were so quick to tear the Corvette apart.Still critics had appreciated some of the design changes that had been...
1970 Corvette

1970 Corvette

The arrival of the 1970 Corvette happened somewhat later than was typical in the automotive manufacturing industry, due in part to the incredible sales backlog that had occurred during the 1969 model year and also due in part to the UAW (United Workers) strike, which delayed the new Corvette from reaching showrooms until February. The decision to prolong the ‘69’s production had been made by John Z. DeLorean...
1971 Corvette

1971 Corvette

The 1971 Chevy Corvette remains one of the least changed models in design (when compared to the preceding model year) in the Corvette’s entire production history. The United Auto Workers (UAW) labor dispute that occurred in May, 1969, which had caused the 1969 model year to run over by two months, had also shorted production of the 1970 Corvette by over four months. Because of this, it was decided by Chevrolet management...
1972 Corvette Model

1972 Corvette

Although its arrival was anticipated by consumers and critics alike, there were virtually no physical or mechanical changes made to the 1972 Corvette from the previous year. In fact, the most dramatic “changes” made to the current model year involved items that were no longer available to prospective owners when ordering a new Corvette. To start, consumers could no longer order the optional ZR-2 package, due to General Motors...
1973 Corvette Model

1973 Corvette

Almost from its start, 1973 was a year full of both great accomplishments and even greater controversies. Technological feats, including the launch of Skylab and the Mariner Programs, the opening of the Sydney Opera House, and the start of the Alaska Pipeline all announced to the world that we were capable of reaching farther – of doing more. At the same time, it saw the start of the Watergate scandal, gaining international...
1974 Corvette Model

1974 Corvette

The arrival of the 1974 Chevy Corvette occurred during an abysmal period in automotive history. The period in question actually began in October, 1973 when OAPEC, (the Arab members of OPEC (the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) plus Egypt, Syria, and Tunisia) proclaimed an oil embargo against the United States after the United States came to the aid of the Israelis during a military altercation between Egypt, Syria...
1975 Corvette Model

1975 Corvette

The 1975 Chevy Corvette, along with the automotive industry as a whole, would experience a significant transformation at the onset of the new model year. Because of serious health issues and environmental contamination associated with the use of lead fuel, it was determined that the automotive industry would – and should – phase it out. Tetraethyllead (also known as TTL, or simply “lead”) was introduced in the 1920’s as an ...
1976 Corvette Model

1976 Corvette

By 1976, the United States economy was on the mend from the 1973–1975 global economic recession. The recession, which had been caused in part by the 1973 oil crisis, had caused gas prices to soar which, in turn, had made automotive manufacturers begin re-evaluating the types of vehicles they were manufacturing. It had led to the end of the big-block engine era for Chevrolet, and had further influenced the decision being made by...
1977 Corvette Model

1977 Corvette

A significant milestone coinciding with the arrival of the 1977 Corvette happened in a year that was full of impressive milestones. On May 25, 1977, the film world would be changed forever as audiences were transported to a “galaxy far, far away” in George Lucas’s outer space epic, “Star Wars.” Just four days later, race car driver A.J. Foyt would become the first driver to win the Indianapolis 500 four times. The Apple Computer would officially...
1978 Corvette Model

1978 Corvette

The arrival of the 1978 Chevy Corvette would happen just a few months after the 500,000th model rolled off the St. Louis assembly line (see the “1977 Corvette Overview” for further detail). As significant as that milestone had been as a benchmark of Corvette’s success, the 1978 model would mark a second milestone – Corvette’s Silver Anniversary. Just as the Corvette had been America’s only true production sports car in 1953, the 1978...
1979 Corvette Model

1979 Corvette

By the late 1970’s, Corvette production was moving at a pace that had never been seen in the history of the car. As Chevrolet General Manager, Robert Lund, had stated in March, 1977, “The St. Louis Plant is operating two nine-hour shifts daily and working overtime two Saturdays a month just to meet sales demand. Current demand is running more than 29 percent ahead of last year.” Little did anyone realize that, after the popularity...
1980 Corvette Model

1980 Corvette

The arrival of the 1980 Chevy Corvette came on the heels of another fuel crisis that had impacted the American automotive market – and, more generally, the national economy – as a whole. Much like the fuel crisis of the early seventies, when the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo had cutoff petroleum exports to many parts of the world, a second energy crisis had emerged after the Shah of Iran was overthrown during a revolution that had occurred...
1981 Corvette Model

1981 Corvette

The 1981 model year marked a significant milestone in the history of the Corvette. While the car itself would primarily be a carryover from the previous model year, it was announced that Corvette production would move from the old St. Louis plant to a brand-new, high-tech facility located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Although originally developed as an air-conditioning plant, the new manufacturing plant was refurbished...
1982 Corvette Model

1982 Corvette

After General Motors opened the Corvette manufacturing plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky in the summer of 1981, many enthusiasts began to suspect that the arrival of a next-generation Corvette was imminent. Their suspicions were correct. While most of the design specifics surrounding the new C4 Corvette model were still a secret from the general public, it was known amongst fans that a new model...


1984 – 1996

C4 Corvette 

All C4 Corvette models and variants

C4 Corvette Model List (1984 - 1996)

1984 Corvette Model

1984 Corvette

The early eighties was a period of technological firsts. Apple Computers introduced the Macintosh computer. NASA introduced Columbia, the first of a fleet of reusable launch vehicles which would come to be known as the “Space Shuttle”. The first laptop computer is marketed by the Tandy Corporation. In short, Americans were moving into a world that was growing increasingly interlaced with technology...
1985 Corvette Model

1985 Corvette

While there were few who questioned the technological superiority of the 1984 C4 over earlier generations of Corvette, it’s lack of robust horsepower and outright performance left many questioning this new version of America’s most beloved sports car. Chevrolet listened to the criticisms and quickly began to revamp the Corvette platform to become a more competitive contender. After all, the U.S. economy was beginning to...
1986 Corvette Model

1986 Corvette

For those that lived through that era, 1986 probably resonates as one of the most innovative and exciting years of the entire decade. It was the year that the Human Genome Project began, a study which would help science understand and map the genetic structure of the human body. IMAP (Internet Mail Access Protocol), the groundwork for Email, was put into place, forever changing the way humans would communicate with ...
1987 Corvette Model

1987 Corvette

During the middle of the 1986 model year, General Motors had acquired a controlling interest in Lotus; a small, British automotive manufacturing company. Already known around the world for having an enviable reputation in Formula One Grand Prix racing and building some truly amazing automobiles, General Motors saw in their acquisition the opportunity to explore advancements in their own engine development programs...
1988 Corvette Model

1988 Corvette

The arrival of the 1988 model year brought with it the 35th anniversary of the Chevy Corvette. For General Motors as a whole, and especially for the teams of people responsible for the design and development of “America’s Sports Car”, this anniversary was significant not only because of the milestone it represented, but because the thirtieth anniversary of Corvette had passed with barely a whisper. After all, the Corvette had turned thirty years...
1989 Corvette Model

1989 Corvette

Since its introduction in 1984, the C4 had undeniably evolved into a sports car that could hold its own as a contender amongst some of the staunchest sports car competitors from around the world. With each passing model year, on-going modifications to the engine, drive train, suspension and steering had transformed the C4 Corvette from a car that was recognized more for its handling than its performance into a machine ...
1990 Corvette Model

1990 Corvette

Although the C4 had already proven itself throughout the second half of the nineteen-eighties, there was no question that the Corvette would be transformed forever with the arrival of the 1990 model year. In its entire history, there have been few model years that were so widely anticipated as the 1990 Corvette ZR-1. Although the ZR-1 had originally been slated for a midyear-1989 release, it had been delayed until the 1990 model...
1991 Corvette Model

1991 Corvette

With the arrival of the ZR-1 in 1990, the Corvette had once more been elevated to a stature that had been missing since the early seventies. The “King of the Hill” had arrived and had met or exceeded the expectations of most enthusiasts and automobile reviewers alike. Its arrival had been anticipated for so long that prospective buyers gladly paid well in excess of the $58,995 list price. And yet, as fate would have it, the high priced...
1992 Corvette Model

1992 Corvette

Late in 1991, it was decided by General Motors that an all-new generation of Corvette would have to be put on hold until as late as 1998. While the next generation of Corvette was originally anticipated to arrive in 1995, poor sales prevented General Motors from expending the budgets necessary to develop a new model. Despite this economic downturn, GM did unveil a new concept car in January, 1992. Known only as the Sting Ray III...
1993 Corvette Model

1993 Corvette

When Harley Earl first envisioned his two-seat roadster in 1953, it is unlikely that even he would have been able to fathom the long term commercial success the Corvette would achieve. Both on the road and on the racetrack, the Corvette had demonstrated again and again that it could compete with some of the fiercest automotive competitors from around the world. From its earliest days racing against the Porsche 356 at the 24...
1994 Corvette Model

1994 Corvette

For both owners and enthusiasts alike, 1994 was a significant year for the Chevy Corvette – not because of any significant changes to the car itself, but because of two key announcements made by Chevrolet. First, after years of planning and fund-raising on the part of both Chevrolet and private contributors, the Corvette Museum would finally open on September 2, 1994. For the grand opening ceremonies, four-thousand Corvettes...
1995 Corvette Model

1995 Corvette

Even with eleven years already behind it, the C4 Corvette still managed to receive the accolades of enthusiasts and critics alike. It received praise for its jaw dropping acceleration and equally for its intense road grip and superior handling. However, with the announcement that an all-new, fifth generation Corvette was under development and on track for the 1997 model year, there were few who were surprised by Chevrolet’s decision....
1996 Corvette Model

1996 Corvette

The 1996 model year would mark the final year of both the C4 and the Generation II small block engine that powered it. As such, Chevrolet was prepared to commemorate its departure by offering two special edition Corvettes, both of which would feature an upgraded version of the LT1 power plant. Denoted as the LT4, the 330-horsepower engine would be showcased in both the Collectors Edition Corvette and a limited edition Grand...


1997 – 2004

C5 Corvette 

All C5 Corvette models and variants

C5 Corvette Model List (1997 - 2004)

1997 Corvette Model

1997 Corvette

For Corvette enthusiasts the world over, March 7, 1997 was a date that would be long remembered.  After the thirteen year production run of the C4, Chevrolet had declared this date as the day that the first all-new Corvette would be made available for-sale to the public.  Given the massive amount of fanfare...
1998 Corvette Model

1998 Corvette

Despite the limited number of units produced in 1997, there was no question that the new C5 Corvette was anything less than a phenomenal success.  Enthusiasts and critics alike praised the car for its outward appearance, improved ergonomics, impressive drivability and handling, uncompromising capabilities...
1999 Corvette Model

1999 Corvette

From its inception in 1953, the Chevy Corvette has always been recognized as a vehicle that was a “step above the common car. Beginning with its earliest Motorama concept, to its first production models and beyond, the Corvette quickly became recognized and universally accepted as “America’s sports car”...
2000 Corvette Model

2000 Corvette

Since its inception in 1997, the C5 Corvette had proved to the world that it was not only a serious contender on the street, but on the racetrack as well. The arrival of the new century – and the new millennium – did nothing to deter that opinion. While the 2000 C5 Corvette underwent little physical modification from that of it’s predecessor...
2001 Corvette Model

2001 Corvette

The arrival of the 2001 C5 Chevrolet Corvette was met with an ever increasing amount of excitement and anticipation. Over the past four years, both the coupe and convertible had already proven themselves as being some of the “best in class” since the introduction of the C5 in 1997. Additionally, the FRC had demonstrated General Motors ...
2002 Corvette Model

2002 Corvette

The 2002 model year showed no signs of slowing down for the C5 Chevy Corvette. While the Z06 had been an unquestionable success in its freshman year, the engineering team behind the flagship Corvette had no intention of allowing last years successes to be the measure of the new model year. Likewise, all variants of the Corvette were still...
2003 Corvette Model

2003 Corvette

The arrival of the 2003 Chevrolet Corvette represented the culmination of fifty years of evolution for General Motors flagship automobile. It had been during the spring of 1953 that the first Corvette had been unveiled at GM’s “Motorama”. Since that time, it had transformed into an entirely new vision of Corvette with each evolution....
2004 Corvette Model

2004 Corvette

The arrival of the 2004 Chevy Corvette brought with it the official announcement that, as far as factory production of the C5 was concerned, this would be the final year for the fifth generation model. Despite the growing rumors that an all-new Corvette was on the way, it had been decided that Chevy would continue to make the Corvette...


C6 Corvette 

All C6 Corvette models and variants

C6 Corvette Model List (2005 - 2013)

2005 Corvette Model

2005 Corvette

The 2005 Corvette was warmly welcomed and immediately embraced by both fans and critics alike when the new coupe finally made its appearance in January, 2004 at the Detroit Auto Show. There were some that felt the arrival of the sixth-generation Corvette should have been slated for a 2003 unveiling – mainly to coincide with the Corvette’s 50th Anniversary.
2006 Corvette Model

2006 Corvette

While the 2006 Corvette base coupe and convertible were virtually unchanged from the previous model year, the C6’s sophomore year promised to propel the emerging supercar to even higher levels of power and performance. The introduction of the C6 in 2005 had surpassed the expectations of even the most discriminating critics...
2007 Corvette Model

2007 Corvette

After the introduction of the sixth-generation coupe and convertible in 2005, and the return of the Z06 Coupe in 2006, the 2007 Corvette arrived virtually unchanged from these earlier two model years. Although GM had begun development of additional, more radical refinements for the Corvette – including an as-yet-to-be-named new variant
2008 Corvette Model

2008 Corvette

The arrival of the 2008 Corvette was met by a volatile U.S. economy with a very uncertain future.  U.S. mortgage-backed securities, which were marketed around the world, carried hard to assess financial risks.  These risks proved to have an enormously adverse impact to lending institutions around the globe, as banks watched...
2009 Corvette Model

2009 Corvette

The arrival of the 2009 Corvette came at a time when General Motors, and indeed the world, was facing considerable economic hardships. The financial crisis and the dramatic drop in the U.S. vehicle market exposed deficiencies within General Motors that had to be addressed. As sales slowed to a crawl (despite an improved lineup...
2010 Corvette Model

2010 Corvette

At the onset of the 2010 model year, General Motors was on the precipice of beginning a new chapter in its existence. After a difficult transitory period that had seen the massive automotive manufacturer nearly disappear from the global market after being forced to file a government-backed Chapter 11 restructure
2011 Corvette Model

2011 Corvette

At the onset of the 2011 model year, as General Motors continued to streamline their product offerings, things were looking up for Chevrolet. The huge economic recession that had nearly driven the automotive manufacturer into bankruptcy was over, unit sales were improving year over year, and GM stock...
2012 Corvette Model

2012 Corvette

Since the introduction of the Corvette in 1953, and especially since Zora Arkus Duntov breathed life into the earliest Corvette race cars, the Corvette production models – including the Grand Sport, the Z06, and most-especially the ZR1 – have always shared a special connection to their racetrack counterparts. The lineage of Corvette...
2013 Corvette Model

2013 Corvette

The arrival of the 2013 Chevrolet Corvette was greeted with a lot of grandeur by Corvette owners and enthusiasts the world over. In part, the 2013 Corvette was celebrated for marking the sixtieth anniversary of the beloved sports car. The 2013 Corvette marked the end of one era, and the imminent arrival of a successor...



C7 Corvette 

All C7 Corvette models and variants

C7 Corvette Model List (2014 - 2019)

2014 Corvette Model

2014 Corvette

Chevrolet unveiled the all-new 2014 C7 Chevy Corvette Stingray at the Detroit Auto Show. The car, which had been kept carefully concealed by Chevrolet since their announcement that a seventh-generation Corvette was under development, was revealed to the world over a live internet feed. Working in coordination with...
2015 Corvette Model

2015 Corvette

The introduction of the all-new seventh-generation Corvette Stingray in 2014 changed the global perception of the Corvette from being a “better than average” American Sports Car to a performance driven, form-follows-function super-car capable of competing on the world stage. The C7 Corvette Stingray ...
2016 Corvette model

2016 Corvette

Since its introduction in 2014, the Corvette Stingray has proven time and again to be one of the most powerful, most performance-driven, most track-capable Corvettes of all time. The 2014 Corvette received more than twenty automotive industry awards in its inaugural year and earned another for the MY 2016...
2017 Corvette Model

2017 Corvette

Since its introduction in 1953, Corvette has proven itself as not only a contender on the race track, but as a champion in most elite racing programs around the world. With the continued success of the seventh-generation Corvette platform in all its iterations, and especially given the car’s direct ties to its race-car counterpart...
2018 Corvette Model

2018 Corvette

The 2018 Corvette Stingray was celebrated with a Special Edition model that marked the 65th Anniversary of America's Sports Car. Chevrolet maintained its focus on the C7 Stingray platform with the introduction of the Carbon 65 Edition Corvette.  It was specially designed to celebrate the history and heritage of Corvette.
2019 Corvette Model

2019 Corvette

2019 was the final model year for the seventh-generation of the Corvette. Chevrolet introduced a special edition of the Corvette Grand Sport called the Driver's edition. The Corvette C7 ZR1 was also unveiled at the 2017 Dubai Motor Show for the 2019 model year. The ZR1 is heavily based on the Z06 platform with many noticeable changes.

2020 - Present

C8 Corvette 

All C8 Corvette models and variants

C8 Corvette Model List (2020 - Present)

2020 Corvette Model

2020 Corvette

The C8 Corvette debuted in California to an airplane hangar packed with people. Pulling heavily from the Cerv Corvette prototype cars, the C8 also took inspiration from previous production versions of the car. The next generation Corvette is the first mid-engined Corvette, a naturally aspirated 6.2-liter V8 making 495 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque.
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