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Chazcron Renders the C8 Corvette Convertible In New Video

C8 Corvette Convertible

A Wonderful Display of How the Top Could Work

Details on the C8 Corvette’s specifics are scarce. What’s even more scarce are details about the C8 Corvette Convertible. Chazcron may have created a rendering with some answers. In the video below, he renders the car in what we assume is his driveway. Instead of a simple walk around like he has done in the past, this video takes things further. It shows off the operation of the hard convertible top.

The rear cowls lift up and the top of the roof more or less slides back and then pivots and disappears into the space behind the seat. The cowls then move back into position. The process takes only about 14 seconds, and that would be about right if Chevrolet were to implement a top like this in the C8.

The operation of the top does not look dissimilar to the operation of many other convertible mid-engine machines. The way the roof folds away makes a lot of sense. However, this is just a rendering and there’s no indication as to how this would happen. In the rendering, the roof just slides away. We wonder what kind of structure would be needed to make that happen, and what kind of weight that would add to the car. All will be revealed in July, and we can’t wait.