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Camo C8 Corvette Spotted Testing

The Next Version of the C8 Is Coming

C8 Corvette Spotted

Could This be the Hybrid?

Over the holiday weekend, GM was apparently out testing a new version of the C8 Corvette. A driver posted to Mid Engine Corvette Forum and shared an image he snapped while driving on Interstate 275. While not much is clear from the photos, it does show that GM is working on future versions of the C8 despite the slowdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The post was from Brian Kessel, which then got picked up by several other Corvette outlets. Here’s what he said in the post on the forum:

“My daughter was driving home today, when she came upon this. This is on I 275 just North of the 8 mile Northville exit. Can’t tell much about it, but they are testing something new. So, don’t give up thinking GM isn’t going to bless us with future models.”

There is some speculation that this is a hybrid model due to the fact that there are some funky-looking connections on the back of the car and the fact that it has been rumored for months that GM is working on a hybrid model. While there is no clear indication, it will be interesting to see what GM sells as the next C8 Corvette.