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C8 Mid-Engine Corvettes are Testing In Florida

C8 corvette

If You’re Near Naples, Keep an Eye Out

A recent video appeared on YouTube posted by the user Joe Martinez that showed a couple of mid-engine C8 Corvettes testing near Naples, Florida. There’s not a whole lot of new stuff to see of the Corvettes. They’re fairly heavily camouflaged, and it’s nothing that we haven’t seen before. However, it is an indication that Chevy is back testing in Florida.

As you can see in the video above, the two cars are traveling on the highway with some pretty serious cloaking. The video was posted with the following message:

Spy video of Chevy’s Top Secret Mid-Engine Corvette obtained in Naples, FL. during Sunday Morning drive to the beach. Two bad ass Mid-Engine Chevy Corvettes were spotted in full Camouflage Coverings heading South on US41 towards Miami, while being escorted by three blacked out Chevy Silverados.

As Corvette Blogger notes, the last time Chevy had the C8 Corvettes testing in Florida, the cars experienced some serious issues that led to the delay of the debut. Hopefully, this time there won’t be any further issues and Chevrolet can move forward with the car’s development and subsequent debut.

At this point, we’re dying to see the car revealed and even more excited to have a chance to see it in the flesh. Chevrolet should be pretty close to a reveal at this point. Let’s hope the Florida sighting means the company is wrapping up testing.