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C8 Corvette Top Speed Run On A Dry Lake Bed In Utah

Thanks to TheStradman’s YouTube channel, we get to see the C8 Corvette do a top speed run on a dry lake bed in Utah.

As per Chevrolet’s specifications, a new C8 equipped with the Z51 package boasts a top speed of 184 mph due to the augmented aerodynamic components. Without these additions, the Corvette could reach 194 mph, but on an unstable lake bed surface, the extra downforce is certainly advantageous.

In the video, the C8 Corvette managed to do two runs. In the first run, Corvette manages to attain a speed of 173 mph – falling notably short of its officially stated speed, yet undeniably embodying a daring spirit given the unconventional setting.  In the second run, the Corvette reached 171 mph.