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C8 Corvette Loses High Wing Spoiler as an Option

Other New Accessories are Available

Corvette Stingray

No More Wing

The world of Corvettes, especially new Corvettes, is always changing. According to Muscle Cars and Trucks, Chevrolet will no longer offer the high wing spoiler as an option for the C8 Corvette. This isn’t due to a lack of customer demand. In fact, according to the publication, the opposite is true. The option was removed due to the demand overwhelming supply.

While this is an unfortunate turn for the Corvette options list, there is good news. The car now comes available with some new accessories, including a rubber trunk liner that has the Corvette and “Racing Jake” helmet logo on it, an indoor car cover, and some Ultra High Security wheel locks. 

The addition of these accessories softens the blow of the high wing spoiler being dropped from the list of options, but the news still stings a bit. That high wing spoiler really took the C8’s looks to a whole new level. While these new accessories might be a little more useful for the day-to-day driver, they’re far from a visually impressive high-performance upgrade for the Corvette. It will be interesting to see if the high wing spoiler comes back in 2021 or if enough customers demand it what Chevrolet will do.