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Bloomberg News Says the 2020 Corvette Has One of the Worst Interiors

Stirring Up Controversy

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C8
2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C8

We Don’t Think It’s a Bad Interior

The C8 Corvette seems to be well-liked by much of the public and the automotive journalism world, but it’s not universally loved. Bloomberg News recently placed the 2020 Corvette on its list of The Worst Car Interiors of the Year.  

The publication listed the Corvette along with the McLaren 570S and Lotus Evora. It noted that all of these cars are great to look at from an exterior standpoint and are wonderful to drive, but it said they are not so great when it comes to the interior. 

“This take is going to be polarizing – the C8 is a great driving car – but then the interior itself is polarizing. Literally. Witness the massive, curved divider that runs straight through the middle of the car. Lined with buttons and covered in low-grade leather, it looks like a part of the command helm on the starship Enterprise.”

What’s interesting is that the very characteristics of the interior the publication has an issue with (quality of materials aside) are what a lot of drivers actually like about the car. It’s the cockpit feeling the interior provides that makes the C8’s interior special. It’s something that Chevrolet has always tried to do with the C8 Corvette, and it’s something they did the best job of in the C8.

Another thing the publication complained about is the numerous buttons, but actually, these buttons make selecting things quickly on the go easy. It’s a lot tougher when it’s all buried inside a touchscreen interface.

It’s safe to say we don’t agree with Bloomberg New’s assessment of the C8’s interior. Nor do we think many customers or critics will. The publication notes that its take is a controversial one, and we can agree with them there.