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[Auction Market News] Top 10 Corvette Sales And Other Key Results From Mecum Dallas

A complete analysis of all 107 Corvettes offered, and some of the results may surprise you

1958 Custom Convertible from Mecum Dallas

With a whopping 107 Corvettes offered on the block, this year’s Mecum Dallas auction (held September 20th-23rd at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center) proved the old saying that things are always bigger in Texas. How did the Restomods do at Dallas, considering they fell relatively flat on our Mecum Monterey analysis? Are there any surprise generations that over-achieved? There is much to cover, so let’s get after it!

Most-Sold Generation

♦ C3 with 28 examples

Least-Sold Generation

♦ C7 with 1 example

Most-Offered Generation

♦ C3 with 34 examples

Least-Offered Generation

♦ C7 with 3 examples

Best Sales Ratios by Generation

#1) C4: 93.3% (Sold: 14 Offered: 15) Wow, only one no-sale for the C4!

#2) C5: 87.5% (Sold: 7 Offered: 8) Great ratio for the C5 but not many units.

#3) C3: 82.4% (Sold: 28 Offered: 34) A strong showing for the C3!

#4) C6: 71.4% (Sold: 5 Offered: 7) Offerings were light for the C6.

#5) C2: 57.1% (Sold: 8 Offered: 14) An average showing for one of the more popular generations.

#6) C1: 50% (Sold: 8 Offered: 16) Given their age and limited production, not a bad showing.

#7) C8: 50% (Sold: 5 Offered: 10) A respectable ratio given how new and “common” they are.

#8) C7: 33.3% (Sold: 1 Offered: 3) The two ZR1s were a bust, with a Z06 selling.

Cheapest Hammered Price

And now, without further ado, here are the top dogs!

Mecum Dallas Top Ten Sales









(8th overall out of 1,397 offerings!)


(6th overall out of 1,397 offerings!)


(4th overall out of 1,397 offerings!)

I hope you have enjoyed this analysis of the Mecum Dallas auction. As noted above, the Corvettes had three examples in the top ten overall, which is pretty impressive given Mecum offered 1,397 vehicles this year at the 2023 Dallas event. It’s also crazy to note that out of these top ten, three were 2023 C8s and three were 1963 C2s. Talk about domination by one model year for those two generations.

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