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As little as 38 Corvette C8’s Affected In Brake Sensor Recall

However, the stop-sales and stop-delivery order remains in place for now

As we reported late last week, General Motors put out a widespread stop-sales and stop-delivery order to all dealers due to a brake sensor contamination issue.

As reported by inside sources to CorvetteBlogger, at this time it seems that only 38 Corvette C8’s have been affected. Some forum posts regarding the issue, however, push that number to 39 or even 40.

As it stands, the recall is something that is repairable at the dealer. Of course, as this is a recall, no charges for labor or parts will be levied, and realistically your car would be out of your hands for 24 to 48 hours for installation, testing, and verification.

CorvetteBlogger has also learned that any owners of affected Corvettes will be contacted directly by either GM themselves, or liaised through their dealer’s service manager.

As before, if you are unsure, you can check your VIN number to see if your Corvette C8 is affected at or via the NHTSA at

The recall number you will be looking for is A202307260.

No news has emerged yet as to when sales and/or deliveries will resume, but this week would be a good guess. When we find out, we’ll let everyone know!