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Another Image of the C8 Corvette Seems to Have Leaked

C8 Corvette Leak

Is It Real or a Rendering?

The image above isn’t really anything special. People are claiming that it’s a low res leaked image of the C8 Corvette, but you can’t really see anything new or special. We thought about not covering it, but it’s causing quite a buzz, so we thought we’d share it and give our thoughts. 

First off, most renderings give you a better view than this image. The image was posted to YouTube by Vlogger Street Speed 717. It was sandwiched in the middle of the video below. You can skip ahead past the guy talking about the Corvette to just see the image if you want. In the end, this video isn’t really that great and neither is the leaked image. If you want to save some time, skip the video take a quick glance at the image above and then wait for the car’s official reveal.

If you decided to watch the video, as we said, it’s nothing special. The photo is too low res and blurry to really be able to tell all that much that we didn’t already know and the background is just gray. We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this was just someone’s smudgy rendering of the C8.

With the official reveal only about a week away, you should spend your time getting excited about that and prepping to watch the live reveal online, unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to be at the reveal.