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A Corvette With Funky Camo Has Us Wondering What It’s Hiding

C8 Corvette Sighting

Is This the Standard Model or Something Else?

Chevrolet has already shown off a C8 Corvette in camo officially, so we know what that looks like. The car’s details are still mostly obscured by the camo wrap and the technical details are still a mystery. With that said, the car company continues to test the C8 Corvette and that means sightings of the car keep rolling in.

The video below is from Corvette Nut’s YouTube channel and the footage appears to come courtesy of @Bluekts. The image above is a screenshot from the video on Corvette Nut’s channel.

It shows an interesting car. It’s the C8 Corvette for sure, but the camo wrap is different than the cars that Chevy has officially shown off. That could mean this is a unique version of the C8. If you look closely at the C8 in the video below, you’ll see areas of the camo wrap that are darker than others. You’ll also see some inserts that we would assume are designed to throw us off the scent.

It seems silly for Chevy to drive this car around with a special wrap on it if it’s the same type of car the company officially showed off. That has us thinking it could be a special version of the C8. Remember, there has been no official announcement about a Z06 model or a ZR1 model or even a super special ZORA model. There’s a chance this could be one of those.

Motor1 says the car in the video sounds an awful lot like a C7 Corvette. We can’t deny that, but it’s always fun and interesting to speculate on what Chevy has in store for the upcoming C8.