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A C8 Corvette Broke Down While Testing

Not All the Kinks Are Worked Out Yet

It would appear that Chevrolet may have some more work to do on its C8 Corvette. Various sources reported that a C8 mid-engine Corvette was seen being towed away from a gas station near Detroit. This comes after additional reports of the issues from Hagerty.

This would presumably push the release date for the car back further. Right now. Most people assume the car will be unveiled at the 25th birthday celebration for the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. That’s in August of this year, which honestly isn’t all that far away.

If you’d like to see pictures of the car being towed away from the gas station, Jalopnik has some shots. You can’t see much of anything, though. We’d assume the issues were tied in some way to the previously reported development problems with the car.

It is disheartening news to see the C8 Corvette being towed away. However, it shows that Chevrolet is doing everything in its power to find out where these cars have issues. The company will have every opportunity to ensure the C8 Corvette is as good as it should be by the time of the official reveal.

Until then, we’re happy to enjoy all that the C7 Corvette has to offer. The last of the front-engine Corvettes are the best they’ve ever been. If you were waiting on a C8, we’d suggest going ahead and pulling the trigger on the C7. You know it’s good, and you’ll get a heck of a deal on one. We have no doubts that the C8 will be an amazing car, but it might be a little while before it is available.