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70 Years Of The Least And Most Popular Corvette Colors

Have you owned, or do you own, a color on either list? Some of these unpopular colors are stunning and may surprise you.

As we hit the 70th anniversary of our beloved Corvette, I thought it would be interesting to put a spin on the typical “most popular” contests, like the best generation feature I’ll be wrapping on Friday. It’s understandable why one would want to highlight JUST the most popular colors, we did it here in 2020, but why not give a little love to the “ugly ducklings”? Yes I know, there is no such thing as an ugly Corvette!

Some of these unpopular colors are stunning and may surprise you.I’ve combed through all 70 years, and here they are.

First-Generation Least Popular

Corvette Copper Metallic, with just 15 produced in 1955 only

Image courtesy of Mecum, CorvSport Feature here, data source here

First-Generation Most Popular

Ermine White, first offered in 1960, with 6,895 produced across numerous years

Second-Generation Least Popular

Elkhart Blue, with 1,096 produced in 1967 only

Image from CorvSport Feature, data source here

Second-Generation Most Popular

Nassau Blue, with 12,122 produced over numerous years

Third-Generation Least Popular

Corvette Chartreuse, with just ONE produced in 1977 only

Here’s an interesting discussion from Corvette Forum on this rare C3 color


Feature from CorvSport, Data source here

Third-Generation Most Popular

Classic White, with 43,681 produced over numerous years

Fourth-Generation Least Popular

Copper Metallic, with just FOUR produced in 1986 only

CorvSport Feature, Data source here

Fourth-Generation Most Popular

Bright Red, with 60,922 produced over numerous years

Fifth-Generation Least Popular

Aztec Gold, with just 15 produced in 1998 only

CorvSport did a feature on this rare color here

Source data here, Image courtesy of Vette City

Fifth-Generation Most Popular

Torch Red, with 51,136 produced over numerous years

C5 Z06

Sixth-Generation Least Popular

Carlisle Blue, with 535 produced in 2012 only

CorvSport Feature here, Source data here

Sixth-Generation Most Popular

Black, with 46,508 produced over numerous years

2000 CorvetteSeventh-Generation Least Popular

Sterling Blue Metallic, with 921 produced in 2017 only

CorvSport Feature here, Source data here

Seventh-Generation Most Popular

Arctic White, with 35,936 produced over numerous years

Eighth-Generation Least Popular

Caffeine Metallic, with just 385 produced in 2022

Image Courtesy of Autonation Drive

Eighth-Generation Most Popular

Torch Red, with 20,466 produced from 2020 through March 2023

C8 Corvette Z06 Takes On Porsche GT3s
One of our favorite Youtubers, Austin

With the C8, red reigns supreme once again… as the iconic book says, All Corvettes Are Red.

We have an active community on our Facebook page, I would love to hear from you. What is your favorite color, and why? What colors have you owned? What color do you avoid at all costs no matter how good of a deal?  Douglas B.