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The Most Popular Corvette Colors By Generation

What colors proved to be the favorites?

The 2004 Corvette Z06
The 2004 Corvette Z06

In the world of collectible Corvettes, every fine detail carries weight, including that of the specific paint code that is a particular car features. The very color of a car Corvette can influence its value, depending heavily upon the relative scarcity of the paint code in question. During every production year, and every subsequent generation, certain colors are checked on purchase orders more frequently than others.

The following are the most popular Corvette colors by generation, based upon the compilation of sales data from each year of production.

C1 (Ermine White)

1961 Ermine White C1 Corvette

It comes as little surprise that the dominant paint color within C1 production was a shade of white. After all, upon the Corvette’s release in 1953, your paint choices were limited to Polo White or Polo White. However, another shade of white holds the distinction of being the most popular color of choice by consumers who purchased a C1 Corvette.

Ermine White, which was first offered in 1960, takes top honors as the most commonly selected C1 color code, with a total of 6,895 recorded orders. It is worth noting that the true number of such orders is likely to be substantially greater, as GM did not keep such color code records for the 1962 production year.

C2 (Nassau Blue)

Nassau Blue 1965 C2 Corvette

By the Corvette’s second generation, GM’s list of color options had widened, and as did consumers’ tastes. For the first time, after a decade of production, the color white did not reign supreme. Instead, Nassau Blue proved to be the most popular color during C2 production, with a total of 12,122 orders having been placed.

Ironically, yet not surprising, Ermine White proved to be the second most popular color during the Corvette’s second generation, with a total of 9,668 orders.

C3 (Classic White)

Classic White Corvette ZR1 Convertible

It seems as if Corvette enthusiasts the world over rediscovered their affinity for the color white during the iconic performance car’s third generation. In a turn of events that would prove to be reflective of the Corvette’s earliest days, white was once again the most frequently selected color code during this era. As far as available records indicate, there were a total of 43,681 Classic White Corvettes ordered between 1968-1982.

However, it is natural to assume that this number likely varies to some degree. GM kept no records related to color code selection during the 1969, 1970, 1972, and 1973 production years.

C4 (Bright Red)

Bright Red C4 Corvette

With GM’s release of an all-new Corvette, came an apparent shift in consumers’ preferred tastes and stylings. The color white began to fall from favor, during the Corvette’s fourth generation, proving to be only the third most popular color by purchase. Instead, the more flamboyant Bright Red took top honors during the era, perhaps reflecting the over the top nature of the period in which the C4 reigned.

In the same form, as was the case during the Corvette’s prior generation, the color black was also immensely popular during the C4’s run, with a total of 60,922 orders placed.

C5 (Torch Red)

Torch Red C5 Corvette Z06

For the second straight generation, red proved to be the color of choice for Corvette owners during the vehicle’s fifth generation. This time, however, Torch Red was the variant of choice. There were a total of 51,136 Torch Red Corvettes ordered during the conic performance car’s fifth generation.

Interestingly enough, the color silver grew immensely in popularity during the latter half of the C5’s production run. There were two different silver color codes available to consumers during this period, Sebring Silver and QuickSilver.

C6 (Black)

Black C6 Corvette

After three generations of being the second most sought after color code, black became the most popular color during the Corvette’s sixth generation. A total of 46,508 black Corvettes were ordered between 2005-2013, with Victory Red placing second in popularity, with 32,817 such orders being placed.

In what most would consider a perplexing turn of events, GM did not offer black as an optional color code during the 2012 production year, though it had already proven to be the most popular selection in years prior.

C7 (Arctic White)

Arctic White C7 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

After a three-generation hiatus, the color white once again proved to be the most popular color code during the Corvette’s seventh generation. In this case, Arctic White was the exact color code of favor. A total of 35,936 Arctic White Corvettes were ordered between the years of 2014-2019.

However, the color black was still a hot commodity during the Corvette’s seventh generation as well, with a total of 31,084 units sold.

C8 (Yet To Be Announced)

It is too early in the Corvette’s eighth-generation to determine which color code will be the most highly sought after by consumers. However, according to the latest numbers released by GM on June 2nd, Torch Red has led sales thus far. Will this prove to be the overwhelming color code of choice for the duration of C8 production? It is safe to say that only time will tell.