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2021 Corvette in Red Mist Metallic Spotted

It Looks Deeper and Better

red mist metallic

The Color We’d Choose for 2021

The 2021 Corvette is coming and there are some new colors. We already reported on the car that was at the National Corvette Museum that showcased the Red Mist Metallic paint for 2021, but that color was recently spotted out there.

The car was spotted by a Corvette Forum member and he was able to get it right next to the red color that was sold in 2020. 

According to the user JPV, the images you see here are: “un-edited other than cropping, and blacking out some license plates (should be pretty obvious). I white-balanced some of the pics in this post and re-uploaded. Same images, just with tweaked WB.”

C8 Corvettes red mist metallic

As you can see, the new color has more depth to it and really shows off the C8’s curves and creases. It helps the overall design of the car stand out more, and we think this is exactly what a paint color should do to the car. By contrast, the color from the 2020 model seems flat and not very attractive. 

We have a feeling some of these new colors for the 2021 model year will be popular among buyers. If we had a choice right now, we’d choose this Red Mist Metallic over the other color options.