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2020 Corvette Model Codes Leaked

mid-engine Corvette rendering
Rendering from, courtesy of a forum member named bdsvavars.

Some Interesting Insight

The rumors and speculation about the 2020 C8 mid-engine Corvette continue to swirl. It appears some of the internal model codes for the car leaked. In a posting on Midengine Corvette Forum, model codes went up for what many believe to be the 2020 C8 coupe and convertible. 

There’s no way of knowing for sure if the new codes are legit, but they certainly look like they could be. CarBuzz did a good comparison of the old codes and the new ones.

According to the site, the old codes look like this: Stingray Coupe (1YY07), Stingray Convertible (1YY67), Stingray Coupe with Z1 Package (1YX07), Stingray Convertible with Z51 Package (1YX67), Gran Sport Coupe (1YW07), Gran Sport Coupe (1YW67), Z06 Coupe (1YZ07), Z06 Convertible (1YZ67), ZR1 Coupe (1YV07), and ZR1 Convertible (1YV67).

2020 Mid Engine Corvette rendering bdsvavars
Rendering from, courtesy of a forum member named bdsvavars.

That’s all the codes for the C7 Corvette. The new codes? They’re a little different. The coupe gets the code 1YC07 and the convertible gets 1YC67. Because they were never used on the C7 Corvette, it’s relatively safe to assume that Chevrolet will use the new codes on the 2020 C8.

Of course, there’s always the chance that this new set of codes could be used for a special edition. Chevrolet has a history of sending off generations of the Corvette with special edition cars. These codes could simply be for another iteration of the C7.

Without any confirmation from anyone at General Motors, it’s hard to tell what the true purpose of these model codes is. With that said, the debut of the C8 should be right around the corner. These codes would make sense for the car.