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2020 Corvette C8 Reviews Roundup Part 1

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2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Today, we here at Corvsport are pleased to present to you five of the best reviews for the 2020 Corvette C8.

These reviews are either extremely entertaining, bring up great criticisms, or show just what the C8 can do in the hands of the “Everyday driver.”

In part 2 tomorrow, we will be bringing you the best written reviews.


In the review, Autoblog editor James Riswick brings up some very good points about the Corvette C8. It is comfortable around town, has a great performance potential, but reminds him of another supercar that is out there on the market right now: The Honda NSX. He also remarks at how the C8 is “a little weird,” like a supercar should be, but does comment on the fact that the passenger seat seems to be there just to fill up space, as there are no real controls the passenger can reach and it is a little small.

Everyday Reviews

Canadian YouTuber Brian Chow takes the 2020 Corvette C8 on a pleasant drive through Nevada and gives his thoughts on what makes the car special. Included is track time at Spring Mountain and he notes that it defines the C8, an everyday supercar that can tear it up on the track. He does recommend the Z51 package, and also highly recommends the magnetic adjustable suspension as it works extremely well with the way the car is set up out of the factory.

The Straight Pipes

Jacob and Yuri from The Straight Pipes take the Corvette C8 out on the road with a base model, and tear up the track a little with a Z51 package. They also, at least according to them, have done the world’s first donuts in the C8, which apparently is a lot trickier than expected due to the launch control and traction control systems interfering.

They also do “standard” review tests such as The Cupholder Test and the much lauded Sunvisor To The Side Window Test. They also get a quick look at the prototype mule which is a Holden Commodore Ute brought in from Australia, and had an engine dropped in its truck bed.

The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane car reviewers take a long, in depth review of the interior and exterior, showing the variety of dash configurations and how most of it works. They also do a couple of launches using launch mode, and show off the fact that the car has a built in 0 to 60 timer in performance mode.

The exterior walkaround is what brings this review to this roundup, as they perform the most in depth one of any of the reviews posted today.


He of the supercar life, the always smiling Brit, Schmee150 takes the Corvette C8 out on the track at Spring Mountain during the media launch event. Schmee150 also has a base point to compare the Corvette C8 against, as he owns a 2019 Ford GT and has driven McLaren’s, Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, and all the main mid-engined supercars that the C8 is meant to be punching at in terms of being an affordable supercar.

He also has a look at the prototype, as well as goes on a fast lap ride with one of the performance driving instructors at Spring Mountain near the end. This review is great because Schmee gives great feedback on how much performance the C8 potentially has if you put some more track dedicated rubber on it.