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2020 Corvette C8 On A Dyno? Yes Please! [VIDEO]

Surprising results!

Yesterday, a little video made it’s way onto Instagram. It then got recommended to us to share with the greater Corvette community.

Without further ado….

From what has been able to be determined from comments, the car just arrived from the dealership with 2 miles on it. When it went on the dyno? 24 miles.

The manufacturer claims for the 2020 Corvette C8 are 490 HP @ 6,450 RPM, and 465 lbs-ft of torque @ 5,150 RPM.

The car, as per the comments, reportedly pulled 440 wheel horsepower and 408 lbs-ft of wheel torque.

As the Corvette C8 is a rear wheel drive only car with a mid-mount engine, this equates to about a 10% loss from brake power to wheel power.

In other words, the power to the wheels is higher than the average loss of 12% to 15% most drivetrains suck from the engines. While in break-in mode.

Our thoughts are that this can mostly be attributed to the DCT gearbox. As it doesn’t have to have any linkages forwards to the cabin like a manual transmission would, the DCT can remove an entire step of shifting, and reduce the overall complexity of the shifting mechanism.

As well, unlike someone lightly resting their foot on a clutch pedal, the clutch is fully and forcefully engaged. Good mechanical contact for the transmission of power, means more of that power gets transferred.

On a humorous note, the exact comment with the power figures states (emphasis mine): “Car made 440/408 for now…

It’s at that point anyone with a little proficiency under the hood gets a little grin across their face… they’ve already replaced the factory wheels, so who knows…