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2009 Competition Sport Corvette

2009 Chevrolet Corvette Competition Sport Edition

For Corvette enthusiasts, ‘Z06’ has always carried a special allure. Originally the package one got if they were destined for the track in their C2 Corvette, it took a long sabbatical from the option list before returning as the hottest version of the C5 Corvette as a hardtop-only model that was both the lightest and most powerful in the lineup. With the C6 Corvette, the Z06 returned as the lightest and most powerful version of the newest Corvette also brought the 7-liter V8 back into the fold—a displacement that had been missing from the Corvette lineup for over three decades.

For 2009, Chevy unveiled the ZR-1—a monster of a machine with 145 extra, supercharged ponies. But in keeping with the ethos of the Z06, they brought out a new Competition Sport package (RPO CSC) for the purist enthusiast who wanted to channel the track driving experience. The rare package featured Competition Gray stripes with matching headlight buckers and aluminum wheels, an Ebony leather interior with titanium embroidery, Corvette racing pedals from GCA, a special engine cover, Corvette Racing ‘Jake’ and CSR logos applied to the B-pillars and embroidered on the headrests and center armrest, as well as a racing-style roundel number featuring the edition number of the car that could be installed by the owner. Available on either standard or Z06 models, only 72 Competition Sport Package Corvettes were ordered.

Chevrolet introduced the limited production Competition Sport package for both the 2009 Corvette coupe and the Z06, bringing the look of Corvette’s racing team to their non-ZR1 offerings, if not quite the performance. Both the Z06 and Coupe 1LT Vettes ordered with the Competition Sport package will get a track focus, which includes competition stripes, wheels and headlamps, an ebony interior, Corvette racing pedals and a special engine cover.

Any Coupe 1LT ordered with the package will also get the Z51 performance package, performance exhaust, differential cooler, HUD, Z06 spoiler and other goodies, bringing the power to 436 HP and actually increasing the performance.

2009 Competition Sport Corvette (RPO CSC)

  • The Competition Sport package is for the Corvette purist and driving enthusiast
  • Perfect Corvette for the enthusiast who attends driving schools and track events
  • Focus on lightweight and performance driving
  • Serious track influenced design features
  • Excellent value pricing – Limited build scheduled for Spring ’09 only

Included in the package

  • Competition Gray Exterior Stripes, Wheels, and Headlamps
  • Corvette Racing ‘Jake’ and CSR logos on b-pillar, headrest, and center armrest
  • Ebony Interior with titanium embroidery
  • Corvette Racing Pedals from GCA
  • Special engine cover
  • Racing style numbers with number based on build sequence to be installed by customer

Available in either Coupe 1LT with 436 hp or Z06 1LZ with 505 hp versions

  • Z06 version available in 17U Blade Silver or 41U Black
  • Coupe version available in 17U Blade Silver or 10U Arctic White
  • Coupe version also includes in package:
  • Z51 Performance Package, NPP Performance Exhaust, Differential Cooler
  • Head Up Display
  • Red Painted Brake Calipers
  • Z06 tall spoiler