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1994 Callaway SuperNatural C6 Corvette LM

1994 Callaway LM

Callaway and Corvette were tied together, and something had to follow up the monster B2K cars. So, in light of Callaway’s LeMans ambitions, the C6 SuperNatural Corvettes got a special LeMans setup.

Reeves Callaway has always had a dream of competing in a Corvette of his own at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, France. The idea began with the body work for a street version, but one thing led to another, and a full race version was completed as well. The street version is almost identical to the race version because the hood, tail, rocker panels, and lower door halves, are all made of carbon fiber, just like the race version.

From the back, it looks like your typical C4 with the Callaway taillights and a shopping cart wing. From the front, however, it is a stunner. The overall outline screams of aerodynamics and downforce at high speed and with carbon fiber in the body.

The engine is a Callaway “SuperNatural 383” LT-1 small block that pumps out 435 horsepower. 0-60 MPH is hit in 4.1 sec. The 1/4 mile passes by in 12.5 sec at 114 MPH! As all Callaways, it has the power to match it’s looks.

The looks are subjective, but if there is one thing to gleam from the existence of the LM, it’s that the 1990s were a time where manufacturers didn’t hold back…if it even kind of sounded like a good idea, they ran with it and hoped that the idea would take off. Shame that ambition isn’t present today.