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1997 Callaway Corvette C7

1997 C7 Callaway Corvette

At the time it was released, the C4 Corvette was still in production and the C5 was merely a vacuous rumor. To see something so wildly curvaceous from a tuner associated with GM was exciting for many fans. For Callaway, it was a way to embody its company motto “Powerfully Engineered Automobiles.”

The Callaway C7 was a completely new, purpose-built car designed to embody the company’s motto: “Powerfully Engineered Automobiles”, carrying on the visual tradition of design by Paul Deutschman and offered in a limited production series.

The C7 was the first complete, bespoke Callaway Automobile. This sportscar was equipped with a carbon chassis, front mid engine/rear transaxle design, 650 horsepower SuperNatural engine, ultra-high performance ground effects, and debuted in competition at the 1997 Rolex 24 at Daytona. In her first race appearance, the Callaway C7 managed to lead the endurance classic at the 12 hour point. She was withdrawn with an electrical failure, and subsequent rules changes for all GT1 cars obsoleted her. Two examples exist. The Callaway C7 is unrelated to any Corvette-based automobile or parts.

In bringing the C7 to production, Callaway Cars gained invaluable experience in design, sourcing, assembly, manufacturing, marketing and vehicle safety and emissions compliance for high performance. With only two examples in existence today, the Callaway C7 is one of the ultimate collectables. It marks a huge milestone in Callaway’s development of high-performance race cars, influencing automotive performance for years to come.