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1978 Corvette Pricing, Factory Options, & Colors

1978 Corvette

1978 Corvette Factory Options

1YZ87 Base Corvette Sport Coupe 40,274 $9,351.00
1YZ87 / 78 Limited Edition Corvette Pace Car 6,502 $13,653.21
A31 Power Windows 36,931 $130.00
AU3 Power Door Locks 12,187 $120.00
B2Z Silver Anniversary Paint 15,283 $399.00
CC1 Removable Glass Roof Panels 972 $349.00
C49 Rear Window Defogger 30,912 $95.00
C60 Air Conditioning 37,638 $605.00
D35 Sport Mirrors 38,405 $40.00
FE7 Gymkhana Suspension 12,590 $41.00
G95 Optional Rear Axle Ratios 382 $15.00
K30 Cruise Control 31,608 $99.00
L82 350ci, 220hp Engine 12,739 $525.00
M21 4-Speed Manual Trans, Close Ratio 3,385 $0.00
MX1 Automatic Transmission 38,614 $0.00
NA6 High-Altitude Emission Equipment 260 $33.00
N37 Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column 37,858 $175.00
QBS White Letter SBR Tires, P255 / 60R15 18,269 $216.32
QGR White Letter SBR Tires, P225 / 70R15 26,203 $51.00
UA1 Heavy Duty Battery 28,243 $18.00
UM2 AM-FM Radio, stereo with 8-track tape 20,899 $419.00
UP6 AM-FM Radio, stereo with CB 7,138 $638.00
U58 AM-FM Radio, stereo 10,189 $286.00
U69 AM-FM Radio 2,057 $199.00
U75 Power Antenna 23,069 $49.00
U81 Dual Rear Speakers 12,340 $49.00
YF5 California Emission Certification 3,405 $75.00
YJ8 Aluminum Wheels (4) 28,008 $340.00
ZN1 Trailer Package 972 $89.00
ZX2 Convenience Group 37,222 $84.00

Base Corvette Sport Coupe (1YZ87)

  • The base price of the 1978 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe without any optional equipment.
  • A 350 cubic inch, 185 horsepower engine, 4-speed wide ratio manual transmission, leather interior trim, and T-tops were included in the base price.

Limited Edition Corvette Pace Car (1YZ87 / 78)

  • The base price of the 1978 Limited Edition Corvette Pace Car without any additional optional equipment.
  • A 350 cubic inch, 185 horsepower engine, 4-speed wide ratio manual transmission, power windows, power door locks, removable glass roof panels, rear window defogger, air conditioning, sport mirrors, tilt-telescopic steering column, white letter SBR tires
  • P255/60R15, heavy duty battery, AM-FM radio/stereo with 8-track tape, power antenna, dual rear speakers, aluminum wheels (red accent), convenience group and special seats were included in the base price.
  • A total of 6,502 Corvette Pace Car replicas were built.

Power Windows (A31)

  • Factory installed power driver and passenger windows.

Power Door Locks (AU3)

  • Factory installed power door locks.

Silver Anniversary Paint (B2Z)

  • A special Silver Anniversary paint option.
  • It includes a two-tone silver and gray paint treatment which accentuates body contours.

Removable Glass Roof Panels (CC1)

  • Tinted glass lift-out roof panels.

Rear Window Defogger (C49)

  • An optional rear window forced air defogger.

Air Conditioning (C60)

  • Factory installed four-season air-conditioning.
  • System includes evaporator, blower, condenser, receiver-dehydrator, refrigerant (freon) tank, air intake assembly and duct assembly for both systems. Includes an integrated heater.

Sport Mirrors (D35)

  • Outside mirror assembly that included a mechanical linkage to control movement from inside the cockpit.

Gymkhana Suspension (FE7)

  • An optional, heavier-duty suspension system for higher levels of performance.
  • The Gymkhana rear leaf springs contained 9 leafs, though the top leaf is very small. GM identifies the rear leaf springs as an 8-leaf spring.
  • Included a stiffer front sway bar and stiffer springs.
  • There were no restrictions on ordering this option – it could be ordered with any engine/transmission combination.

Optional Rear Axle Ratios (G95)

  • A selection of optional rear axle ratios.
  • In 1978, these included: 3.08 (Code OA), 3.36 (Code OK), 3.36 (Code OM), 3.55 (Code OH), and 3.70 (Code OJ

Speed Control (K30)

  • An early version of (what is commonly known today as) cruise control.
  • The speed control option required an automatic transmission.

350ci, 220hp Engine (L82)

  • Optional higher-output, small block V-8 engine.

4-Speed Manual Transmission, Close Ratio (M21)

  • A close ratio version of the M20 Muncie 4-speed manual transmission.
  • The gear ratios for the RPO M21 Close Ratio 4-Speed Manual Transmission are: 1st Gear – 2.43:1, 2nd Gear – 1.61:1, 3rd Gear – 1.23:1, 4th Gear – 1.0:1 (Direct).
  • M21 was a no-cost option but required the optional L82 engine.

Automatic Transmission (MX1)

  • An optional, three-speed automatic transmission.
  • The Automatic Transmission consisted of a 3-element hydraulic torque converter and compound planetary gear set. It was equipped with the following gear ratios: 1st Gear – 2.52:1, 2nd Gear – 1.52:1, and 3rd Gear – 1.00:1.

High Altitude Emission Equipment (NA6)

  • Alternate emission equipment installed for vehicles operating at high altitudes.
  • The high-altitude emission equipment was required for vehicle operation at +4,000 feet.

Tilt Telescopic Steering Column (N37)

  • An optional, adjustable steering column and tilt-angle adjustable steering wheel.
  • The Telescopic Steering Column changes the drivers distance from the steering wheel by literally telescoping the steering wheel closer to or further away from the vehicle operator.
  • A new steering column positioned the steering wheel two inches closer to the instrument panel to provide more of an “arms out” driving position, and easier entry and exit.

White Letter Steel Belted Radial Tires, P255/60R15 (QBS)

  • Standard size tires with special raised white lettering.

White Letter Steel Belted Radial Tires, P225/70R15 (QGR)

  • Optional size tires with special raised white lettering.

Heavy Duty Battery (UA1)

  • Optional, heavier-duty battery with increased cranking amps/capability.

AM-FM Radio, Stereo with 8-Track Tape (UM2)

  • The standard/stock radio equipped with an 8-Track Tape Player.
  • The radio received broadcast in FM 2-channel stereo, FM monaural, and AM monaural.
  • Includes 8-track tape deck.

AM-FM Radio, Stereo with CB (UP6)

  • The standard dealer installed stereo system equipped with a CB (citizen band) radio.
  • The radio received broadcast in FM 2-channel stereo, FM monaural, and AM monaural.
  • Full 40-channel Citizens Band radio.
  • CB mike is stowed on the center console.

AM-FM Radio, Stereo (U58)

  • A standard/stock dealer installed Corvette radio.
  • The radio received broadcast in FM 2-channel stereo, FM monaural, and AM monaural.

AM-FM Radio (U69)

  • A standard/stock dealer installed Corvette radio.
  • The radio receives broadcast in FM monaural, and AM monaural.

Power Antenna (U75)

  • A extendable/retractable antenna for the car stereo system.
  • The antenna, which is located on the rear deck that retracts and extends when the radio or ignition is powered off and on respectively.
  • The power antenna extends 31 inches.

Dual Rear Speakers (U81)

  • Dual rear auxiliary speakers.

California Emission Certification (YF5)

  • Provided higher emission restrictions to meet the California emission standards.

Aluminum Wheels (4) (YJ8)

  • Included four aluminum wheels and a conventional steel spare.

Trailer Package (ZN1)

  • Factory installed trailer package.
  • The trailer package included the Gymkhana Suspension, a higher-amp alternator and a heavy-duty radiator.
  • The hitch was the standard, factory installed hitch available in 1978
  • The hitch could support approximately 100 pounds of tongue weight.

Convenience Group (ZX2)

  • A group of convenience options available to consumers when purchasing a 1978 Corvette.
  • The ZX2 Convenience Group included the dome light delay, headlight warning buzzer, underhood light, low fuel warning light, interior courtesy lights, and the passenger side visor mirror.


  • New styling for the 1978 Corvette included a fastback roof line and a new wraparound rear glass which provided for greater visibility with 1,425 square inches of surface area compared with 293 square inches on the former model.
  • Completely restyled interior with larger and more accessible rear storage area. The rear storage area included a retractable security cover.
  • The wiper and washer control were moved from the steering column stalk to the instrument panel. Turn signal and headlight dimmer controls remained on the steering column.
  • A new, one-piece, fully padded instrument panel with front-mounted cluster was introduced. It can be removed more easily for service. Printed circuit boards were used for improved reliability.
  • The vehicle anti-theft alarm was extended to include activation when the roof panels are removed.
  • Special “25th Anniversary” emblems and a special “25th Anniversary” two-tone paint option RPO B2Z.
  • Featured an increased operating range with a 24-gallon fuel cell replacing the former 17 gallon unit. The new fuel cell featured a molded plastic inner liner in a steel container. Space for the larger cell was made available by the use and stowage of a new, lighter weight temporary spare tire.
  • The three-speed automatic transmission used with the optional 5.7 litre engine was lighter weight and had a low inertia, high stall torque converter for increased performance.
  • The rear axle ratio on cars equipped with both the high altitude (NA6) and California emissions (YF5) options was changed from 3.08 to 3.55:1 to give a better starting ratio during acceleration and better performance throughout the speed band.

1978 Corvette Exterior & Interior Colors

Exterior Colors

10 Classic White 4,150 Silver
Black, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Light Beige, Oyster, Mahogany,
13 Silver 3,232 Silver Red
13/07 Silver Anniversary 15,283 Alloy Black, Dark Blue, Mahogany, Red
19 Black 4,573 Silver Black, Oyster, Red
19/47 Black/Silver 6,502 Alloy Black, Light Beige, Mahogany, Oyster, Red
26 Corvette Light Blue 1,960 Silver Silver
52 Corvette Yellow 1,243 Silver Dark Blue
59 Corvette Light Beige 1,686 Silver Black, Dark Brown, Oyster
72 Corvette Red 2,074 Silver
Black, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Light Beige, Mahogany
82 Corvette Mahogany 2,121 Silver Black, Light Beige, Oyster, Red
83 Corvette Dark Blue 2,084 Silver Black, Dark Brown, Light Beige, Mahogany, Oyster
89 Corvette Dark Brown 1,991 Silver Dark Blue, Light Beige, Oyster, Dark Brown

Interior Colors (Cloth)

Oyster (Cloth) 12C 2,226
Silver (Cloth) 15C
Black (Cloth) 19C 1,353
Dark Blue (Cloth) 29C 1,168
Light Beige (Cloth) 59C 693
Dark Brown (Cloth) 69C 564
Red (Cloth) 72C 1,221
Mahogany (Cloth) 76C 763

Interior Colors (Leather)

Oyster (Leather) 122 8,999
Silver (Leather) 152 5,703
Black (Leather) 192 7,218
Dark Blue (Leather) 292 3,207
Light Beige (Leather) 592 3,338
Dark Brown (Leather) 692 2,449
Red (Leather) 722 4,607
Mahogany (Leather) 762 2,443

Exterior Colors

1978 Corvette Colors

Interior Colors

1978 Corvette Colors Interior

Seats & Wheels

1978 Corvette Options


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