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1978 C3 Chevrolet Corvette: Image Gallery & Pictures

1978 C3 Corvette Pictures & Images

Check out these great 1978 Corvette images. As you can see in these 1978 Corvette pictures there were some changes to the design, mainly the addition of a commemorative badge to celebrate Corvette’s 25th anniversary. You can also see in these 1978 Corvette images that for the first time the Corvette was available in a special two-tone dark and light silver paint job, with a dark silver line dividing the two.

You will also see in the images that the 1978 Corvette looks very different than prior C3s with a much smoother look and fastback rear styling. The 1978 Corvette still looks great all these years later. We included over 50+ 1978 Corvette pictures.

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