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12-Cylinder Kindig Creation Wins Coveted Ridler Award And Has Internet Clapping

Meet the hand-built TwelveAir, a Corvette-inspired creation from Dave Kindig that took the 2024 Detroit Autorama by storm

The award-winning TwelveAir

I’ll admit, at first glance of the front, I thought this was another Kindig CF1. Then, as I scrolled around the pictures of this stunning award-winning creation, I soon realized the stark differences (for a recent CorvSport feature on the Kindig CF1, click here). There is one common denominator, though, and that is Dave Kindig’s brilliance. His creation is called the “TwelveAir,” paying homage to the size of the engine and the 1954 Corvette Corvair concept car that inspired its design (more on that later).

This completely hand-built masterpiece is the culmination of more than five years of sweat and tears, all performed secretly, without fanfare, behind closed doors. Why the secrecy? Well, interestingly, one of the criteria for the Ridler Award is that the car has to make its public debut at the Autorama. “Keeping people away from the car was one of the most difficult parts of the build,” says Baylee Kindig, Dave’s daughter. While all the focus so far has been on Dave Kindig, and deservedly so, a kudos goes to TwelveAir’s owners, Dave and Tracy Maxwell, for commissioning this brilliantly executed build.

Photo sourced from MotorTrend

The Heart of the TwelveAir

Photo Credit: Al Liebmann/HRHL

TwelveAir Highlights:

  • One-off fully hand-crafted all aluminum body, “made on an English wheel and tig welded.”
  • One-off V-12 built by Race Cast Engineering, an Australian company that made a huge splash at SEMA a few years ago with its innovative V-12 engines based on LS engine architecture.
  • The engine, which runs on Haltech’s Nexus EFI, displaces a remarkable 9.2 liters and produces nearly 800 horsepower.
  • The rest of the drivetrain, including the torque tube and 8L90E transaxle, resembles that of a C7 Corvette.
  • Kindig-It custom-designed the front and rear suspension, and EVOD built the wheels to Dave’s specs.
  • Cantilevered coilover shocks round out the custom suspension.
  • The 3D-printed dash, console, and inserts are custom one-off elements as well.

Social Media Criticisms:

While the overall response was positive, there were the usual internet detractors…

  • The wheels are too big
  • Nothing from an actual Corvette
  • All show and no go

The Inspiration

CorvSport Deeper Dive: 1954 Corvette Corvair 

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Bonus Videos: Twelve Air in the Flesh; Dave Kindig and The Build

Photo Gallery

Photo Credit: Al Liebmann/HRHL
Photo Credit: Al Liebmann/HRHL
Photo Credit: Al Liebmann/HRHL
Photo Credit: Al Liebmann/HRHL
Photo Credit: Al Liebmann/HRHL
Photo Credit: Al Liebmann/HRHL
Photo Credit: Al Liebmann/HRHL
Photo Credit: Al Liebmann/HRHL

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