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You Can Watch Today’s C8 Corvette Reveal Here

C8 Corvette

Get Ready for the Official Reveal!

The C8 Corvette has been leaked, teased, rendered, and speculated over for many months now. Today is the day. The official reveal event begins at 7:30 PM pacific time, which is 10:30 PM for those of us on the East Coast. Coverage will occur not long after it. Mark it down on your list of things to do. It will be worth it.

You’ll be able to watch the C8 Corvette reveal live. Chevrolet will be live streaming it so that every Corvette enthusiast in the world will be able to take the car in. Chevrolet will show the live stream video in two places. The first is at the Chevy C8 Corvette landing page and the other is on the company’s media page for the C8. We have also embedded the video below, so when the reveal happens, you should be able to view it there.

Live coverage of the event will begin at 7:50 PM and the show officially begins at 8:00 PM. Obviously, you’ll need to adjust appropriately for your time zone.

This means you should have everything you need ready before then. We suggest you either get a few fellow Corvette enthusiasts gathered around or just focus on getting everyone out of the house so you can enjoy the C8 Corvette reveal all by yourself.

If the embedded video above doesn’t work, then make sure to hit one of the links above and watch the live feed on one of Chevy’s pages.