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Would You Spend An Additional $135,000 For This Exclusive 1 Of 30 C8 “Body Kit”?

Meet the Caravaggio Unica Series 1, a completely custom package that is far from your typical body kit

Not your typical body kit

You may recognize the name, as Caravaggio has been in the coachbuilding business since 1986 and enhancing Corvettes for generations. At first glance, the price seems a bit extreme, but some digging reveals just how exclusive and special this series will be. Not only is the Unica Series 1 limited to just 30 examples but each Caravaggio creation will be hand-built to the customer’s spec.

Here are some of the coolest factoids about the Unica Series 1:

  • The first numbered series in the company’s history, with no two cars looking exactly alike.
  • Each client will have a private consultation to create the Unica Series 1 C8 Corvette that matches their personality and taste.
  • Five customers will be able to spec their bodywork in fully exposed carbon fiber (shedding 40 lbs from stock).
  • Buyers can also personalize the interior with a mix of handcrafted leather, Alcantara, colorful stitching, and carbon-fiber accents.
  • Performance upgrades range from a supercharger, Brembo brakes, wheels, and engine tuning.
  • Each Euro-styled masterpiece will be custom-designed, built, tested, and documented at the company’s facility in Concord, Ontario, Canada.
  • MSRP for the Unica Series 1 Caravaggio Corvettes package starts at $135,000, not including the base Stingray or ZO6 C8.

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So, CorvSport readers, what do you think? If you had the money (and a C8) would you upgrade to this exclusive Caravaggio package? Or is the C8 just fine the way it is? We have the fastest-growing Corvette community on our Facebook page, with over 163,000 followers (44,000 since January!). Come join other hardcore enthusiasts and say hello, Douglas B.

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Not your typical body kit

An In-The-Flesh Video From Brink of Speed

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