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What’s Your Corvette “CQ”?

The Vette IQ test that's stumping enthusiasts across the web

I know many of us Corvette nuts pride ourselves on how much we know about the brand. But some of my enthusiast friends around the web are finding out they know less than they think, especially if they’re only in their 40s or 50s.

I could probably score an A- to B+ on anything past the third generation, but I usually draw blanks at any highly technical trivia older than 1982. I must have been too focused on my middle school studies, or chasing girls for that first kiss!

So as we hit the 70th anniversary of the Corvette, how much do you know? The first one to show a screenshot of 20 out of 20 gets bragging rights for the month! As a matter of fact, show off anything above say 15 out of 20 because, in my opinion, this CQ test is hard! Engage us on our Facebook page, would love to hear from you! Douglas B.

Click here and scroll down to “take the quiz”.