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Watch The 2020 Corvette and Jeep Trackhawk Compete in a Drag Race

Lots of Horsepower and High Speeds

C8 and Jeep Trackhawk drag race

An Impressive 1/4 Mile

The C8 Corvette is made to go fast in a straight line but is also built to go fast around a race track. It’s not necessarily built to crush it on the 1/4 mile drag strip, but it can certainly beat most of the vehicles out there no problem just by being a truly impressive sports car as is shown in the video below.

When you think about the vehicles that are natural competition, you probably don’t think of the Jeep Trackhawk. The performance Jeep is a high-performance vehicle and an impressive one in its own right. This particular Jeep is even more impressive. It’s tuned to 900 hp. 

That may sound a little too high for the Corvette to handle, but the 495 hp Corvette is lighter than the Trackhawk by a lot. When you watch the video, you’ll see that the Corvette is quick. It beats the Trackhawk in the first run and barely gets beat the second time around. It’s a very good reminder that horsepower isn’t everything and the Corvette’s light curb weight makes a huge difference.