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Was the Hybrid C8 Corvette Spotted Testing?

Or is this just another case of mistaken identity?

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Looks A Lot Like The Cars GM Said Weren’t Hybrids

So, the hybrid Vette is coming. There have been rumors for months, and there was even some speculation about some of the test cars that were spotted out and about testing on public roads. Recently, more spy photos have surfaced on a variety of websites, including Autoblog. The spy shots and the accompanying articles suggest that these cars are the hybrid C8 Corvettes out testing.

However, we kind of doubt it. General Motors pointed out on previous sightings of what looked like a Corvette hybrid that the cars were not, in fact, hybrid machines and the power outlets spotted on the cars were simply for engine testing equipment.

These new sightings look to be more of the same thing to us. With that said, it does make one wonder what version of the car is being tested then. The Stingray has already been revealed. You can bet that Chevrolet has a higher trim level Corvettes in the works. But if this isn’t the hybrid, then what is it?

There’s also the possibility that this is the hybrid and GM just lied before. That would mean that the previous cars spotted out testing were also hybrid machines and GM lied to throw the auto spies off the scent.

The reason we don’t think these are hybrid cars is that GM could have easily covered up the outlets. in the images from Autoblog, which you can see in the embedded tweet below, there’s snow on the car. Wouldn’t GM want to at least keep snow out of the hybrid battery connection? Only time will tell. All we know right now is that GM is testing some version of its Corvette that hasn’t been officially revealed.